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Have you recently discovered that your newborn is suffering from colic? Does the thought of buying anti-colic bottles make you nervous? Two of the more popular brands that undoubtedly need to be compared are Dr.Brown vs Tommee Tippee

Dr.Brown is well known for its anti-colic venting system while Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature bottle has the best slow flow for newborns. Overall, Dr. Brown is most recommended for babies with colic, reflux or excessive gas. 

Differences Between Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee Bottles

The key difference between Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee lies in the venting system. Both bottles are designed to reduce the effects of colic and too much air being inhaled during feeding. Dr. Brown’s advanced venting system is the number one recommended bottle by pediatricians and experienced moms!

Are Dr. Brown’s bottles better than Tommee Tippees?

Both Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee are regarded as two of the best brands on the market. Tommee Tippee offers flexibility, ease of use and affordability. Dr. Brown’s fully vented design reduces the intake of air while your baby is feeding, which results in less spit-up, gas and burping to cause your baby discomfort.

Two Brands’ Features compared

The best way to get an accurate comparison between the two brands is to see how they stack up with their different features. Can Tommee Tippee be a great Dr Brown’s bottle alternative and vice-versa, can Dr Brown be a good Tomee Tippee alternative?

Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee Bottles for anti-colic / for gas

  • Dr. Brown: There are two common types of anti-colic systems for Dr. Brown’s bottles. Commonly referred to as green or blue, Dr. Brown’s anti-colic system is clinically proven to reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The system is fully vented and prevents air bubbles from forming in the nipple and ultimately being ingested by the baby. 
  • Tommee Tippee: The venting anti-colic system of a Tommee Tippee bottle draws air through vents in the venting wheel, down the tube and out of the star valve into the space at the base of the bottle. This system allows the air to bypass the milk and effectively reduces the air sucked in during feeding.

Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee nipples

  • Dr. Brown: Nipples available for Dr. Brown’s bottles range from Preemie nipples up to Y-Cut Nipples for 9 months +. Each type of nipple size has a different flow rate specifically designed for that particular age. Nipples are shaped like a breast making it easier for babies to transition between breast and bottle. This prevents nipple confusion where the baby struggles to adjust. 
  • Tommee Tippee: All Tommee Tippee bottles feature a unique “latch nipple” design that imitates a real nipple. This makes it easy for babies to transition between the breast and the bottle. A size 1 slow-flow nipple is specifically designed for newborn babies. Different sizes are also available as your baby grows. The slow-flow feature on Tommee Tippee bottles is a common reason why this bottle is so popular with parents of newborns. Slow-flow nipples are ideal for newborns who drink slower than older infants. 

Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee leaking

Dr. Brown: Anti-colic bottles often leak if the components aren’t assembled correctly. Not inserting or cleaning the vent properly can result in leaking

Tommee Tippee: Parents often report leaking from Tommee Tippee bottles. This could be a result of incorrect assembly or incorrect fluid temperature. Read here why Tommee Tippee bottles leak and how to fix this issue.

Read my extensive article on how to stop Dr. Brown bottles from leaking for tips to avoid and fix the problem for Dr Brown bottles! Getting the hang of assembling Dr. Brown’s vent system gets easier with practice! Here’s a short clip to show you how easy it is! If you’re unsatisfied with a brand, consider returning or exchang your bottle.

Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee Bottle Materials

Ease of cleaning – Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee

  • Dr. Brown: Many separate parts to take apart and clean but can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. It’s important to sterilize properly. 
  • Tommee Tippee: Very easy to clean since there aren’t as many loose parts to disassemble. Both bottles and nipples are dishwasher safe.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ Narrow Baby Bottle, 8 oz/250 mL, with Level 1 Slow Flow Nipple, 0m+, 4 count


  • Advanced venting system to prevent colic symptoms as well as air bubbles and spit-up
  • Many different sizes to choose from
  • Nipple makes latching on quick and easy
  • Can be used without the venting system for older babies
  • Comes with a cleaning brush to clean the vent system
  • Replacement vent kits are available separately


  • Clinically proven to reduce colic symptoms
  • Easily fit most breast pumps
  • Small discs prevent leaking
  • Anti-colic system prevents vitamins from escaping 


  • Leak extensively if you forget the discs
  • Time-consuming to take apart and clean
  • Round bottoms cause them to tip over when almost empty

Do Tommee Tippee teats fit Dr. Brown’s bottles?

A Tommee Tippee teat doesn’t fit on a Dr. Brown’s bottle. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles feature their unique internal vent system which means they’re interchangeable with each other. For Tommee Tippee, their bottles are different and aren’t interchangeable with each other.

Can you use Dr. Brown’s bottles without the inserts?

I recently covered this question quite extensively in a previous article, so please feel free to check it out! In short, the Options and Options Plus versions of the Dr. Brown’s bottles can be used without inserts as your baby’s feeding develops.

You might think not using the vent will lead to leaking, but this is easily fixed. Fortunately, I also covered how to stop Dr. Brown’s bottles from leaking once the inserts are removed. 

Tommee Tippee Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles, Breast-Like Nipples with Anti-Colic Valve, 5 oz, 3 Count


  • Reduces colic symptoms by minimizing trapped air 
  • Breast shaped nipple makes for a natural latch
  • Slow-flow nipple mimics moms breast
  • Smooth silicone nipple resembles moms skin
  • The nipple is small enough to fit a newborns mouth
  • Venting tube changes color if the milk is too warm to prevent scalding


  • Easy for babies to latch on
  • Small enough for tiny hands to hold
  • Nipple shape makes transition easier


  • Many parts to insert can be time-consuming
  • Some bottles don’t have the slit in the venting tube cap as they should 

Do Dr. Brown teats fit Tommee Tippee bottles?

Tommee Tippee bottles are different and aren’t interchangeable with each other. They also aren’t interchangeable with Dr Brown teats. Using teats, e.g. Dr Brown’s, on bottles not designed for them will result in leaking or the nipple from collapsing.

Can you use Tommee Tippee Anti-colic bottles without the vent?

Unlike Dr. Brown Options bottles, Tommee Tippee’s anti-colic bottles can’t be used without the vent. If you don’t insert the ring the bottle will leak. As a side note, if you purchase a Tommee Tippee sterilizer it comes with a set of standard bottles that can be used when your baby no longer needs the anti-colic system. 

Do Tommee Tippee nipples collapse?

A common concern among parents using Tommee Tippee bottles is the nipples collapsing. This happens when the valve seals. A sealed valve will prevent your bottle from venting properly, and the nipple collapsing. 

The trick to prevent/fix this problem is quite simple. Simply make sure to ensure the slit in the valve is open EVERY time you prepare the bottle. Don’t assume that opening it once will keep it open. 

Wrap up

I trust that this article has provided you with the necessary info to decide between Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee. If your baby suffers from severe colic-like symptoms, reflux and excessive gas, Dr.Brown would be the better choice. Dr. Brown’s venting system is the most recommended course of action for fussing infants. 

If you’d like to explore more options, consider reading my article on Tommee Tippee vs Nanobebe or Comotomo vs Dr. Brown. Or how about comparing Tommee Tippee to MAM or Dr. Brown compared to Pigeon? Both are informative comparisons that will provide you with more options to effectively deal with your baby’s colic symptoms. Rest assured, there is an option your baby will love!

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