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Baby Formula Smells Bad (like Fish, Dog Food, Poop, or Metallic)?

Wondering why your precious baby formula smells so bad, reminding you of fish, dog food, poop, cheese, broccoli or just smells metallic? The first time I smelt infant formula I found it …

What to do if Baby Bottle has Mold – (5 Tips) on How to Fix the Problem

You want to keep your baby as safe and healthy as possible. You clean, tidy, wipe, wash and sterilize from dawn to dusk. And then all of a sudden you see a …

Why Does Baby Hit a Bottle While Drinking? (Solutions that Work!)

When it comes to baby feeding, the reality is that it’s very seldom plain sailing. Once you’ve eventually found the right bottle, there’s the cleaning and storing. When that’s all sorted there’s …

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