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Welcome to my blog! I’m Balint Horvath, the founder of this site and a proud father to a delightful little girl who, not long ago, was a tiny baby.

Father and daughter
Balint Horvath & Amelia

The inspiration for “Exactly Baby” sprang from a lighthearted exchange with my wife during a significant time in our lives – the birth of our daughter. I playfully said to her, “Exactly, baby!” and the phrase stuck with me.

This website is my initiative to share the insights and experiences my wife and I gathered during the exhilarating yet challenging journey of becoming first-time parents. The initial months were nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, filled with learning opportunities at every turn. Through this blog, I aim to ease the journey for other parents by offering guidance from our own experiences. 🙂

Soothing Struggles: Mastering the Art of Comforting a Baby (as a Girl Dad)

Baby with pacifier in the mouth while lying

One of the many challenges we encountered was soothing our daughter when she was upset. Pacifiers never quite worked for her (see her using it in the picture as a prop), but she found comfort in baby bottle nipples, often playing with her bottle rather than drinking from it. Through this, I learned valuable lessons. One was mastering the delicate art of holding her gently in my arms and feeding her, helping her get accustomed to being fed by me, especially during times she refused the bottle from anyone but her mom. Another lesson was learning the soothing rhythm needed to sway her gently, a movement that often lulled her back to sleep.

Mastering Bottle Feeding 🍼

Bottle feeding emerged as one of our biggest challenges during the early stages of parenthood. Recognizing its complexity and importance, I delved deeply into this topic. Consequently, a significant portion of this website is dedicated to bottle feeding, encompassing a variety of articles that range from practical feeding tips to comprehensive reviews and comparisons of different bottle brands.

Have a look at this image: me spoon-feeding my daughter. This visual story reflects one of our struggles, our transition when bottle feeding didn’t work for her. It’s a reminder that sometimes alternative feeding methods are necessary, and each child’s needs can be unique. I went into details of our journey and I give insights into bottle feeding versus spoon feeding in a separate article, for those interested in exploring further.

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For parents grappling with specific bottle feeding issues, I’ve compiled several articles offering valuable insights and solutions:

Choosing the right bottle is also crucial for a positive feeding experience. To assist you in making an informed decision, I have in-depth comparisons of popular bottle brands, such as:

Last but certainly not least, an aspect of bottle feeding that cannot be overlooked is the cleaning and maintenance of baby bottles. To aid in this important task so your baby won’t get sick (as much), I’ve put together some informative articles that cover various methods and best practices:

Another Motivation Behind My Blog: Addressing Population Decline

One last thing before I let you read some of my articles, for examples the ones I mentioned before.

In a recent enlightening episode of Johnna Crider’s podcast, Elon Musk shared some thought-provoking insights about the declining birthrate, a topic that resonates deeply with the ethos of my blog. Elon highlighted a counterintuitive trend in global demographics.

He stated:

“The declining birthrate is somewhat counterintuitive, but generally, the wealthier someone is, the fewer kids they have.

I’m an exception, but it’s quite rare. Basically, the higher the education level and the wealthier people are, the fewer kids they have.

So it’s not a money thing. In fact, it seems the opposite, like the more money that someone has, the fewer kids they have.

Somebody who is living as the 2022 standard for the poverty level would be really, I mean they have access to things that the richest person didn’t have 100 years ago.”

Elon Musk on Johnna Crider’s podcast

This is one of his tweets where he reiterates his statement.

In addition to Elon’s observations, here’s another video that sheds light on this pressing issue.

The video succinctly encapsulates the global challenge of declining birth rates. This trend is not just a matter of personal choice but has broader implications for the future of our civilization. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining stable population numbers to avoid economic and social upheaval. 

With my blog I aim to address the issue of declining birth rates by sharing our personal parenting experiences. It’s designed to ease the concerns of potential parents, offering guidance and inspiration. By doing so, I hope to encourage more people to consider starting families, contributing in a small but meaningful way to reversing the trend of falling birth rates.

Smoother Ride Ahead for You as a Parent

I sincerely hope the content on this site proves beneficial to you or someone close to you, perhaps your spouse or partner. Your journey as a parent is unique, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned to make it a bit smoother. Enjoy your visit, and here’s to less challenging times ahead! 🙂

Balint Horvath

Founder of Exactly Baby

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