Comotomo vs Dr. Brown Baby Bottle Brands Compared

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Dealing with a baby suffering from colic can be frustrating for everyone involved. One of the easiest ways to reduce or even eliminate colic symptoms is by changing to an anti-colic bottle. But which one should you choose when comparing two popular brands: Comotomo and Dr. Brown?

Differences Between Dr. Brown vs Comotomo Bottles

Dr. Brown has a single, fully vented system whereas Comotomo has a dual-venting system at the base of the bottle. Unlike Dr. Brown’s bottles, which are made of solid plastic, Comotomo bottles are made of the same silicone material as the nipple. Comotomo bottles are only available in two sizes. 

Are Dr. Brown bottles better than Comotomo’s?

Dr. Brown and Comotomo bottles both have an anti-colic system that vents build-up air from the nipple. Essentially, Dr. Brown has a single, fully vented system whereas Comomotomo features a dual-vent. One is not necessarily better than the other.

Babies with colicky symptoms will benefit from the superior system offered by Dr. Brown. If your little one is struggling with nipple confusion, the silicone feel of the Comotomo will be the ideal solution. 

Two Brands’ Features compared

It’s always a good idea to compare the features of both brands you’re considering. Can Comotomo’s bottles be similar to Dr Brown’s?  

For anti-colic / for gas

  • Dr. Brown: Many parents use Dr. Brown’s bottles for their effective fully ventilated system and because they’re the best bottles for reflux. These vent systems are notorious for preventing unwanted spit-up, gas, burping and colic. Dr. Brown’s bottles can also be used without the vents as the baby’s feeding develops. To give you an idea of how to gauge this, read my article on when to stop using Dr. Brown’s vent
  • Comotomo: Unlike other anti-colic bottles, Comotomo bottles have two anti-colic vents. These are placed on the nipple to make sure the bottle is perfectly ventilated. Correct airflow aids in preventing unwanted air from being sucked in by your baby.


  • Dr. Brown: The nipples for Dr. Brown’s bottles range from sizes suitable for preemie babies right up to infants aged 9 months and older. The breast shape makes it easier for babies to transition between bottle and breast. 
  • Comotomo: Nipples from Comotomo grow with your baby. They’re available in 4 stages: truly slow flow (0 – 3 months), medium flow (3 – 6 months), fast flow (6+ months) and variable flow (6+ months for thicker fluids). These silicone nipples are ideal for babies who struggle to transition between the breast and the bottle


  • Dr. Brown: Leaking in Dr. Brown bottles is usually associated with not installing the vent parts correctly. 
  • Comotomo: As with other anti-colic bottles, Comotomo is prone to leaking. This is mostly a result of components not being assembled correctly. When the ring is misaligned the bottle will leak from the sides. Sometimes, milk or formula residue builds up in the vent. To avoid this, ensure the components are cleaned and assembled correctly. 

There are other reasons for anti-colic bottles leaking. You can read about these in an article I wrote about how to stop Dr. Brown’s bottles from leaking. 


  • Dr. Brown: Parents have the option of bottles made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic or pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass. Dr. Brown’s Bottles are shock and heat resistant. Here’s where I wrote more about it.
  • Comotomo: The most distinguishing feature of Comotomo bottles is that they’re made of high-quality silicone. That makes them soft and squishy. It’s easy for babies and parents to hold and squeeze out as much milk as possible. 

Ease of cleaning

  • Dr. Brown: The only slightly annoying feature of Dr. Brown’s bottles come from disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the parts that make up the vent system. Bottles can be washed manually or in the dishwasher.
  • Comotomo: It’s very easy to clean a Comotomo bottle. They can either be soaked in boiling water for a few minutes or in the dishwasher. 

Dr. Brown Bottles

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ Narrow Baby Bottle, 8 oz/250 mL, with Level 1 Slow Flow Nipple, 0m+, 4 count


  • Variety of sizes to choose from
  • Advanced venting system prevents colic symptoms
  • Vent system can be removed for older infants
  • Replacement vent kits are available
  • Cleaning brush included preventing milk build-up in the vent system
  • Slimmer bottle allows quicker heating


  • Added small discs prevent leaking in the diaper bag
  • Anti-colic system keeps vitamins in the milk or formula
  • Compatible with most breast pumps
  • Recommended by parents and pediatricians to prevent colic symptoms


  • Cleaning can be time-consuming
  • Leaks without discs
  • Bottle tips over because the bottom is round

To see just how effectively Dr. Brown’s venting system works, I’ve included a short clip! 

Comotomo Bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green, 8 oz (2 Count)


  • Made from silicone material that mimics human skin
  • Dual anti-colic vents allow for better air circulation
  • Nipples for newborns and infants
  • Slow flow and fast flow options
  • Bottle is heat-resistant
  • Comotomo bottles are dishwasher safe, microwave and freezer safe


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Squeezable 
  • Anti-colic vents
  • Wide nipple mimics breast


  • Nipple might be too long for smaller babies
  • Tips over easily
  • Prone to leaking

Wrap up

Knowing how different brands compare will make it so much easier to choose the one best suited to your little one. Other brand comparison articles you might want to consider include Comotomo vs Nanobebe as well as Dr. Brown vs Tommee Tippee or Pigeon compared to Dr Brown’s.

As you’ll see from my various comparison articles, many parents with colicky babies swear by the innovative venting system offered by Dr. Brown. The time it takes to disassemble, clean and re-assemble is a small price to pay for your baby’s comfort! 

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