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How do you choose the right baby bottle when there are so many to pick from? This is a common dilemma many parents face and if you’re currently debating between MAM vs Avent bottles and wondering what sets them apart, then read on! 

For colicky babies, MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with its self-sterilizing feature wins hands down as my top pick in this review. Their bottles are also designed to make switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding a more relaxing experience. 

Avent vs MAM Bottles – Differences and Similarities

Both Avent and MAM bottles are excellent choices. Check out the following features to help you decide if MAM is the brand to go with or if Avent baby bottles do the job just as well.

Anti-Colic / Gas

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Baby Bottle uses a vented base system to release the milk slowly while eliminating air bubbles forming in the liquid. The Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with AirFree Vent is designed to reduce both colic and reflux symptoms by limiting the amount of air in the nipple. 


Avent bottles do leak if the lid has been screwed on too tight, damaging the thread OR if the lid hasn’t been screwed on enough! Using the incorrect nipple can also cause leakage if the flow rate doesn’t match your baby’s feeding speed. MAM do have a bad reputation for bottles leaking with the main culprit improper assembly of the various parts and high temperature of milk. 

Ease of Cleaning

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles have a unique self-sterilizing function making it easy to clean the bottles and parts quickly and hygienically in the microwave. All their bottles have a wide- neck opening for easy cleaning with a brush. The Avent Natural Baby Bottle with its anti-colic AirFlex technology has fewer parts to clean while all Avent bottles have a wide-neck design which simplifies cleaning by hand. 

Watch this video as it shows how to use the self-sterilizing feature of the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle


All MAM nipples are designed to feel just like a mother’s breast. They’re constructed with soft silicone and make switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding easy with less nipple confusion. Avent nipples are also designed to resemble mom’s breast with ultra-soft silicone making it easy for your baby to latch. 

Dishwasher Safe

Both MAM and Avent bottles are dishwasher-safe. All parts should be placed on the top rack. Using a dishwasher basket for your baby bottles will help to keep all the loose parts contained during a wash cycle. Manufacturers of MAM bottles recommend a maximum temperature of 65 degrees F when washing in the dishwasher. 

Microwave Safe

The cap, ring, and nipple of MAM bottles must be removed before heating up the bottle in the microwave. The same applies to Avent bottles with only the container being placed in the microwave when heating milk, 


MAM products including their baby bottles have been awarded the EU Product Safety Award for being both BPA and BPS-free and made with polypropylene. Avent bottles are also made with polypropylene or borosilicate glass. Both are BPA-free materials. 


MAM are still improving the recyclability of their baby bottles while technically most of their products are recyclable. All Avent baby bottles are recyclable except for the silicone nipples. 

Expiry Date

There are no expiry dates on MAM and Avent bottles. These bottles need to be replaced when they show signs of deterioration such as discoloration, chips, or cracks. Nipples should be changed every two to three months. Learn more about how often you should change your baby bottles or nipples with my complete guide. 

Avent Bottles

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle, Clear, 9 Ounce, 4 Pack, SCF013/47


You have a choice of three different types of Avent bottles to pick from as follows: 

  • Avent Natural Baby Bottle: The natural-shaped nipple and soft-skin like feel makes for easy latching and switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The AirFlex technology in the nipple also helps to minimize colic symptoms
  • Anti-Colic bottles with AirFree Vent This bottle is designed to reduce colic, gas, and reflux by eliminating air from forming in the nipple. 
  • Avent Natural Baby Glass Bottle: The natural response nipple allows your baby to feed at their own pace while the anti-colic vent reduces colic and reflux symptoms. 


  • Anti-colic valve and vent technology for reducing colic, gas, and reflux symptoms
  • Constructed with BPA-free materials 
  • Ultra-soft silicone nipples for easy latching
  • Easy to clean with fewer parts and wide-neck design


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Easy to pour in milk with wide-neck opening
  • Comfortable to hold with ergonomic design


  • Nipples deteriorate quickly
  • Numbers fade after a few washes

Do MAM Teats Fit Avent Bottles?

MAM teats do fit on some Avent bottles but not the Natural Baby Bottle range. You also lose out on the anti-colic feature of the Avent teat if you swap it out with a MAM nipple. 

MAM Bottles

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Newborn Essentials, Slow Flow Bottles with Silicone Nipple, Unisex, Designs May Vary, 5 Oz, 2 Count (Pack of 1)


MAM baby bottles come in three different ranges:

  • Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles:These are good for newborns and for preventing colic and reflux symptoms from developing. They come in three different sizes and in a variety of colors and designs. 
  • Easy Active Bottles: Designed for active babies, these bottles have an ergonomic design for easy holding with tiny hands. The SkinSoft teat feels just like mom’s breast making it more acceptable for your baby to latch. 
  • Feel Good Glass Bottles: Made with premium glass material, these bottles are high-temperature resistant. They fit all MAM SkinSoft silicone nipples for easy latching and are easy to clean with a wide-neck opening. 


  • Silicone nipples designed to resemble mom’s breast for easy latching
  • Can be used to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Vented base in anti-colic bottles prevent colic and reflux symptoms
  • Self-sterilizing function in anti-colic bottles
  • Constructed with BPA- and BPS-free materials


  • Flat and soft nipple more comfortable for feeding
  • Come in a variety of colors and funky patterns
  • Easy to clean


  • Many components make cleaning difficult
  • Bottle leaks easily

Do Avent Teats Fit MAM Bottles?

Avent teats do fit on MAM bottles if you want to take advantage of the anti-colic vent system in the Avent nipples. Both bottles are designed with a wide-neck opening making their teats interchangeable. 


When looking for the best bottles for reflux and colicky babies, MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle is affordable and I love its easy-to-sterilize feature

But, the Avent range also offers unique anti-colic functions. Both bottle brands make it easy for your baby to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding with their breast-like nipples. So, which baby bottle will you decide on for your baby’s feeding time? Or thinking about comparing MAM to NUK bottles?

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