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With so many bottles to pick from, it takes some trial and error to find the right one for your baby! If you’re exploring NUK vs MAM bottles, you’ll discover there are many similarities but also some differences that should be noted. Read on as I talk about these two popular baby bottles. 

NUK and MAM have bottles with anti-colic features. They’re easy to use but MAM has more parts to assemble. Cleaning is simple but more time-consuming with MAM bottles. NUK has less leakage compared to MAM. Both are dishwasher-safe but MAM is more durable when cleaned this way. 

NUK vs MAM bottles – differences and similarities

Both NUK and MAM bottles are excellent choices if your baby suffers from colic, reflux, and gas. But, they also have a number of other features worth taking note of!


NUK anti-colic bottles use nipples with a unique design that adjusts the flow of milk according to how your baby drinks. Depending on your baby’s suction strength during feeding, your little one can control the milk flow rate. This allows for colic-free feeding. The bottles also come with an advanced anti-colic air vent

MAM anti-colic bottles come with a vented base design which allows the milk to be released slowly while eliminating bubbles in the liquid. This helps to reduce colic, gas, or reflux symptoms in babies. 


NUK bottles win hands down for having minimal leakage compared to MAM bottles. However, if you experience leaking NUK bottles during feeding it could be because of the wrong nipple flow level

MAM bottles tend to leak if they’re not assembled correctly. Another reason they leak is not letting the bottle cool down before putting on the lid. Screwing the vented base incorrectly will also result in leakage. 

Ease of Cleaning

All MAM bottles have a wide neck, making it easy to clean them with a bottle brush and hot soapy water. The MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles have a unique self-sterilizing feature, allowing you to clean all the parts in the microwave.

Nuk bottles and parts can be cleaned easily enough in warm water with mild detergent. They can also be placed in a bottle sterilizer or microwave for a deep, hygienic clean. The NUK Simply Natural Bottles come with a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling. 


Both NUK and MAM bottles are dishwasher-safe. But, to keep NUK bottles in a good condition, it’s recommended to only wash them by hand or use the NUK Micro-Express Microwave Steam Sterilizer when sanitizing the bottles. 

When using the dishwasher for either bottle, place them on the top rack. And, use a dishwasher basket for your baby bottles to contain all the parts during a wash cycle. 


NUK bottles are made either with BPA-free polypropylene plastic or pharmaceutical-grade glass. Depending on the type of nipple used, they could be constructed with silicone or latex

MAM bottles are made with materials free of both BPA and BPS. Their glass bottles are made with high-quality materials designed to handle high temperatures. All MAM nipples are made with soft silicone

NUK bottles

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The NUK range includes four different types of bottles:

  • NUK Simply Natural Bottle: Designed to mimic breastfeeding, these bottles come with up to 9 nipple holes. The nipple is shaped just like the mom’s breast and allows the baby’s tongue free movement while sucking. It’s made with super-soft material. 
  • NUK First Essentials: Made with a vented nipple to reduce colic symptoms. The ribbed nipple prevents nipple collapse and a sealing hood stops any leakage during feeding. 
  • NUK Smooth Flow: Preventing colic, gas, and reflux symptoms, these bottles come with slow-flow nipples allowing the baby to control the milk flow based on their suction strength. 
  • NUK Perfect Fit: Ideal for switching between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, the nipple is designed to be shaped just like mom. The anti-colic system prevents colic, gas, and reflux symptoms. Silicone nipples are available in 3 flow rates and 2 different sizes


  • The Simply Natural and Smooth Flow range includes the patented SafeTemp technology, which indicates when the milk has cooled down sufficiently for safe feeding.
  • Most bottles come with “just-like-Mom” shaped nipples for easy switching from breast to bottle and latching. 
  • Nipples are available at different flow rates, making it easier for your baby to control the milk flow while feeding.
  • Available in both glass and BPA-free plastic materials.
  • Most bottles come with anti-colic features.

Watch this video which demonstrates how the NUK SafeTemp technology works.


  • Sealing hood prevents leakage during feeding
  • Stain-and odor-resistant bottles and nipples
  • Easy latching and transitioning from breast to bottle


  • Could be difficult to get the right flow level

Do MAM teats fit NUK Bottles?

MAM teats don’t fit NUK bottles. It’s best to stick to NUK nipples when using the brand’s bottles especially if you want to benefit from their anti-colic features. 

MAM bottles

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle, Baby Essentials, Medium Flow Bottles with Silicone Nipple, Unisex Baby Bottles, Designs May Vary, 9 oz (3-Count),

MAM bottles come in three different models:

  • Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles: Designed for newborns, these bottles also come with anti-colic features. They’re available in 3 sizes and you can pick from a variety of designs and colors.
  • Easy Active Bottles: Ergonomic design makes it easy for small hands to hold these bottles. These are great for older babies on the go and the SkinSoft nipple makes for easy latching.
  • Feel Good Glass Bottles: Made with high-quality glass, these bottles can withstand high temperatures.They’re compatible with wide-neck nipples and are easy to clean. They’re both microwave and dishwasher-safe.


  • Silicone nipples shaped to resemble a mom’s breast and make for easy latching.
  • Vented base design to prevent colic, gas, and reflux symptoms.
  • Anti-colic bottles come with self-sterilizing functions.
  • Made with materials free of BPA and BPS.

Watch this video demonstrating how to use the self-sterilizing feature.


  • Super-soft silicone nipples for easy transitioning from breast to bottle
  • Available in different colors and fun patterns
  • Easy to assemble and clean.


  • Many parts mean more time spent cleaning
  • Bottles do leak if not assembled properly

Do NUK teats fit MAM Bottles?

NUK teats can fit MAM bottles if you use the wide-neck nipples. But if you’re planning to travel with full bottles watch out for leakage! NUK sealing lids won’t fit MAM bottles. 

If comparing MAM with other brands such as MAM or Avent bottles, you’ll discover that the wide-neck opening makes it compatible with other similar-shaped nipples. 


If you’re looking for a bottle to help settle your baby’s colic, gas, or reflux problems, NUK is the brand to pick. You can use either the NUK Smooth Flow Bottle or NUK Simply Natural Bottle for their unique anti-colic features. 

NUK is better for less leakage and easy latching when transitioning your baby from the breast to the bottle. NUK is also my top pick in my comparison review between Dr. Brown and NUK bottles. Which one would you choose between MAM and NUK bottles?

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