Can You Return (& Exchange) Baby Bottles? (For Each Store)

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When you’re shopping for baby bottles, it can be frustrating to find the right ones. While you have many options to choose from, there’s no telling if your baby will adapt to the brands you’ve chosen. You may also receive a variety of brands as gifts that you may end up not needing or using. In this instance, it’s not uncommon to ask if you can return baby bottles? 

Many well-known retailers will easily accept returns or exchanges of unused baby bottles if you have a receipt. There may also be a 30 to 90-day window from the date of purchase. In some cases, store credit or an exchange can be offered if you don’t have a receipt.

Key takeaways

  • For some stores, the exchange period is as little as 30 days
  • Stores will have different rules and regulations when returning or exchanging baby bottles
  • Return time frames can be anywhere between 30 to 180-days depending on the store 
  • Reasons to return a baby bottle is that it might be the incorrect size or brand
  • There are alternatives if you can’t exchange your baby bottles 

Can you return or exchange baby bottles?

There doesn’t seem to be a set rule for whether a retailer will exchange or refund unused or used bottles. In many instances, exchanges can be made only if a receipt is brought or proof of purchase can be located by the store. 

Generally, if you have a baby registry in place at that store, it makes the process much simpler. The key aspect to remember is the designated exchange window. For some stores, the exchange period is as little as 30 days, while for others it can be as much as a year after purchase. It’s also a good idea to check this policy with the store (or on their official website) before buying or setting up a registry. 

What happens when you try to return baby bottles

When you try to return baby bottles a few different scenarios can happen at the store. They include the following:

  • Money returned: The store processes a straight cancellation on the transaction. That means, if you paid cash, you’ll get a cash refund. If you paid via your credit card, the amount will be reversed back onto your card. 
  • Store credit: Bottles are exchanged for a store credit which you can use on the day or at a later date. Be sure to check for how long the credit will be valid.
  • Brand exchange: If your reason for wanting an exchange is dissatisfaction with a brand, you could switch to another brand. If there is a price difference, you’ll most likely get refunded the difference or you’ll pay it in if it’s more. 
  • No refund but exchange for something else: The store might not offer a refund, and if you don’t want any other bottles, you might be allowed to choose any other item within the same price range. 
  • No refund or exchange: In some instances, the store won’t offer a refund or exchange. That means you’re stuck with the bottles and you’ll have to find other uses for them. 

Return or exchange used baby bottles?

Many stores are not really in favor of accepting used baby bottles. The main reason for this is that they can’t resell these items. Ask yourself if you’d buy used baby bottles. You most likely wouldn’t. 

For this reason, there isn’t a hard and fast rule in this instance. In short, some stores will and others won’t. If you have hardly used the bottles, I would recommend taking them to your local store and enquiring about their specific policies. 

Return time frame of baby bottles (with receipt)

Assuming you have the receipt, some stores may still not assist you with an exchange. For the most part, this is usually because you have exceeded the period allowed for exchange. This can vary anywhere between 30 to 180-days, depending on the store or online site policy. 

Let’s take a look at the return time frame of a few of the most common stores. 

RetailerStandard Return Period
Bed Bath & Beyond180 days
Target90 days
Walmart90 days
Buy Buy Baby90 days
Sam’s Club90 days
Costco90 days
CVS60 days
Amazon30 days
Walgreens30 days
Kmart30 days
Boots Uk35 days

To simplify the exchange or refund process, I recommend keeping all your receipts. That way you won’t struggle too much when an exchange becomes necessary. 

Why you might want to return or exchange baby bottles

There are several reasons why you might need to exchange your unused or even once-used baby bottles. Some of these reasons are listed below. 

  • Wrong size: The bottles you’ve received as gifts are the wrong size. You might find yourself with more big feeding bottles than you need. Or, you might have more little water and juice bottles than you’re going to use. If you’re not sure how many of each bottle type you’ll need, reading about the number of bottles you need and how often they should be changed is a good place to start. 
  • Change of brand: Your baby might not enjoy the brand you’ve bought or received. For instance, your little one might need the anti-colic types but you only have a bunch of regular bottles. I’ve written a very helpful article on Dr. Brown or MAM anti-colic bottle options to help you choose the right type. 
  • You bought various brands: Since there’s no way to know which bottle your little one will be comfortable with, you might have bought a few different options. Once you’ve seen what your little one enjoys, you might have a few extras to return. This is why I recommended that you try many different Dr. Brown alternatives
  • Dissatisfied with the quality: You may not be happy with the quality of the bottles you’ve bought or received. If leaking is a problem, I recommend reading up on the reasons why some bottles are prone to leaking before you return your bottles. 
  • Baby is exclusively nursing: In some instances, your baby might prefer nursing to using bottles. If this is the case, you might not have use (or space) for a bunch of bottles. I would suggest keeping at least one or two in case the feeding situation changes.

Returning baby bottles to Walmart

Many parents who set up their baby registries, often opt for Walmart. The franchise boasts a very lucrative range of brands and options to choose from. Additionally, their super easy return policy makes it a great choice for future exchanges. They do however have a 90-day window for refunds or exchanges if you have any hopes of getting a full refund.

If you’ve lost your Walmart receipt, the store can look up your purchase if it was done using a debit or credit card. Furthermore, their website features a Walmart Receipt Lookup function on the website. Using this option will save you time at the store. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Walmart?

While their official website doesn’t explicitly state that they will take back use baby bottles, I know parents who claim that they do. Obviously, the bottles should be barely used and in as good condition as possible. 

Returning baby bottles to Target

Target is one of the most ideal places to purchase bottles from. Not only do they have a wide variety, a registry but also boast a very lenient return policy. Their return window extends to 90 days from the original purchase date. Customers can opt to exchange the item for something else or receive a full refund if they have the original receipt. Without the original receipt, refunds will be provided as merchandise return cards. 

More great news is that their RedCard debit or credit cardholders will get an additional 30 days to decide on a refund. If the bottles were purchased off Target’s registry, parents can request a refund up to one year after the baby’s birthday to return the bottles. In this instance, the refund will be in the form of a Target gift card. This is a great way to buy something else that your baby needs for the next phase of their growth. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Target?

Target’s official return policy doesn’t highlight the criteria for used bottles. However, recent conversations with Target representatives advise that in most instances used bottles can be returned. The best option here is to check with your local store to get clarity on their individual policy. 

Returning baby bottles to Amazon

If you prefer the convenience of shopping at Amazon, you should know that when it comes to baby bottles, you might struggle. When it comes to returning Amazon baby products, the following rules will apply:

  • Most products can be returned for refund or exchange in a 30 – 90 day period, depending on the product
  • Registry products can be returned within 365 days
  • Third-party sellers’ return policies may vary – so check up on these before purchasing

Returning your Amazon product can be time-consuming as it involves waiting for a shipping label, starting the process online, and using a QR code they send you via email. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Amazon?

The only time Amazon will accept used bottles is if the product is damaged or defective. You’ll then have to liaise with their customer service department.

Returning baby bottles to Costco

Costco is another retailer well-known for its relaxed exchange policy. According to their baby website, parents can return open items provided all the items are still included. In this instance, it would be all the components and parts of the bottles. If you have a Costco membership, it’s easy to track your purchase. If not, you will need a receipt. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Costco?

Costco will take back your used baby bottles provided you have all the components. Any returns have to be done within 90-days.

Returning baby bottles to CVS

As with most other stores, bottles bought at CVS can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of purchase. They may require the original receipt as well as a photo ID. Their exchange policy is discussed on their website. 

Can you return used baby bottles to CVS?

Many CVS stores don’t accept used, damaged or open bottles. This is also mentioned on their official website in the CVS Return Policy. Since this can be done at the discretion of the store management, some locations will allow an exchange. Once again, simply visit or call to find out. 

Returning baby bottles to Walgreens

Walgreens has a very similar policy to that of CVS. They will accept a return within 30-days of purchase provided you have the receipt. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Walgreens?

Walgreens employees have assured me that they will take used baby bottles back, provided customers have the original receipt. They must also fall within the 30-day return period.

Returning baby bottles to Bed Bath & Beyond?

Aside from their registry option, parents also opt for Bed Bath & Beyond because they have a 180-day exchange policy, provided you have your receipt. As with Target, refunds with receipts can be done up to a year later for Merchandise Credit. 

If you’ve lost your receipt, there are a few easy ways to find a copy. Bed Bath & Beyond will use one of the following methods:

  • Registry number
  • Chicking for an order number or gift card
  • Credit or debit card
  • Checking your account number

Can you return used baby bottles to Bed Bath & Beyond?

For refunds on used baby bottles, enquire at your local store. Be sure to take the bottles with you so that they can assess the condition.

Returning baby bottles to Buy Buy Baby

Since Buy Buy Baby is affiliated with Bed Bath & Beyond, they have a very similar Return Policy. The only real difference is the return window period which is 90-days. As with Bed Bath & Beyond, they offer a 365 return for any registry items. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Buy Buy Baby?

For used baby bottles, you will have to enquire at your local store, as it seems that many locations vary on this rule. There is also no specific rule stipulated on their website. 

Returning baby bottles to Kmart

As per their website, Kmart will accept product returns and provide you with an exchange voucher or refund. Items ordered online can be taken back to any of their stores. These refunds will require the tax invoice from your original order. 

If you don’t have a receipt, you may be required to provide a photo ID. Items should be returned within 60 days of the purchase date. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Kmart?

The Kmart returns policy on their website doesn’t stipulate whether they will take used bottles back. As with the other stores, it’s best to take the bottles and your receipt with you to your local store to establish if that branch can assist. 

Returning baby bottles to Boots (in the UK)

According to their website, Boots have a 35-day return window on their products. Items that are exchanged can only be exchanged for like items, so you won’t be able to exchange your extra bottles for diapers or wet wipes. It will have to be more bottles! 

You will need your receipt as well as the original packaging before attempting to get a refund. If you have any bottles from Boots, be sure to keep the packaging when you open the bottle to check for faults. 

Can you return used baby bottles to Boots?

Boots don’t refund or exchange open items unless the item is faulty. Having received too many bottles, or wishing to swap for a better brand won’t be considered as a sufficient reason to exchange or refund. 

What to do with baby bottles in case you cannot return them

In some instances, it’s not possible to exchange your baby bottles. You might have lost the receipt. Or, the person who gifted them to you might either not have the receipt or bought them outside the exchange window (longer than 60 or 90 days). 

If you have a few bottles that you don’t know what to do with, here are a few ideas you might not have thought of. 

  • Donate: When it comes to donation, you have a few options. If the bottles are unused and in new condition, you could donate them to shelters, children’s homes or even orphanages. If the bottles are used or even slightly scratched, you can donate them to animal shelters, the humane society or even the local zoo. They won’t mind the scratches! 
  • Traveling snack containers: Use them to store small snacks for your baby or toddler when you’re traveling. 
  • Measuring cups: Since bottles have measurements on them, they’re great for measuring ingredients in the kitchen. 
  • Art supply containers: Bottles that still have their proper lids are great for storing paint or other craft supplies. They’re also excellent for rinsing paint brushes.
  • Toys for girls: Most little girls love playing with their baby dolls. Their old or unused bottles are great accessories for their baby dolls. 
  • Art projects: Encourage your toddlers to paint or decorate the bottles and use them as storage for pencils and other art supplies that will fit in them. 
  • Sensory bottles: Fill the bottles with different items to encourage sensory play. You can make a sensory bottle using food coloring, water and baby oil. Add a few small toys such as fish and let your little one be amazed at how their toys float.

I’d like to share this short clip with you. It’s a great way to make a few sensory bottles. While they use drinking bottles in the clip, you can easily substitute them with the baby bottles you no longer need! 


With the varying policies at each retailer, it’s obvious that the return criteria isn’t always a straightforward process. It’s considerably easier to exchange unopened bottles with a receipt. But, if that isn’t always possible, the best solution would be to take the bottles to the store in question and enquire about their refund policies.

If you’re still shopping for the right baby bottle for your baby, consider reading my baby bottle and nipple guide. I also have a helpful article on storing baby bottles for moms struggling with storage space!

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