How to Store Your Baby Bottles – 11 AMAZING Ideas!

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Bottle feeding comes with a menagerie of bottles, nipples, and other parts that can easily take over your home if you’re not careful! If you’ve been wondering how to store baby bottles, you’ve come to the right place. Read on and discover 11 amazing ideas for keeping your baby bottles all in one place while helping you to stay sane.

1. Drying Rack for Horizontal Storage

The OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack is neat, functional, and holds up to eight bottles horizontally. A removable cup is used for storing utensils while loose parts are kept safely in an additional area for drying and storage. 

This can be kept close to the kitchen sink while being easily accessible for washing and drying bottles before the next feed. 

OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack, Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

2. Drying Rack for Vertical Storage

A drying rack can be great for bottles. The Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack is a great solution when you’re feeding twins or even triplets. This rack holds up to 16 bottles and its tower style saves on space in the kitchen. There’s plenty of additional space for storing items such as nipples, valves, lids, and more. 

A removable tray drains excess water and the adjustable pegs mean you can store bottles and cups of multiple sizes

Munchkin® High Capacity Drying Rack for Baby Bottles and Accessories, White

2. Caddy

A shower caddy is a nifty way of storing your bottles while keeping them out of the way. The caddy can be placed on the back of a door, on the wall, or even inside the pantry door. 

This idea works well for storing extra bottles and parts once they’ve been washed and dried, keeping them out of sight while being stored neatly. 

mDesign Small Plastic Nursery Storage Caddy Tote - Divided Bin with Handle for Baby/Kids - Hold Bottles, Spoons, Bibs, Pacifiers, Diapers, Wipes, Baby Lotion - Lumiere Collection - Clear

3. Set of Plastic Drawers

Plastic drawers work like a dream for storing baby bottles neatly. You can keep them in the kitchen or in your baby’s nursery for easy access. Measure the drawers before buying to make sure they fit your baby bottles if you want to store them upright. 

Plastic drawers with nipples and bottles inside
Credit: Pineapplehouserules

The HOMZ 3 Drawers Cart includes a solid frame with four casters for moving around. The drawers are deep enough to store most bottles horizontally. 

4. Sliding Cabinet Baskets

Sliding cabinet baskets are a great solution for using space in deep cupboards or drawers. Pick a design that has adequate depth for storing bottles upright without them falling over. Use a divider to group the bottles and if you have extra parts that need neat storing, place a smaller container inside the basket. 

Simple Houseware 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer, Silver

5. Plastic Bins

If you opt for the mDesign Storage Bin, you’ll be able to store baby bottles neatly while stashing the bin in a convenient place. Handles on the side of the bin make them portable while the cube shape makes it easy to store just about anything your baby uses. 

The cube bins are constructed with BPA-free materials so you don’t have to ever worry about your baby bottles being contaminated with toxins. 

mDesign Storage Organizer Container Bin with Handles for Baby Supplies in Kitchen, Pantry, Nursery, Bedroom, Playroom - BPA Free & Food Safe - Holds Snacks, Bottles, Baby Food - Clear/Blue

5. Rolling Cart

A rolling cart can store baby bottles and be turned into a portable feeding station. If you’re a breastfeeding mom who’s pumping, you can store all your gear in one place while keeping them conveniently accessible.

You can use a dishwasher basket for loose bottle parts to store them conveniently in the rolling cart. 

SPACEKEEPER Slim Rolling Storage Cart, 3 Tier Bathroom Storage Organizer Laundry Room Utility Cart Mobile Shelving Unit, Multi-Purpose for Kitchen Office Bathroom Laundry Narrow Places, Black

6. Over the Door Organizer Rack

Over-the-door organizer racks fit neatly on the back of any door and come with a number of shelves for storing various objects. They work perfectly for storing your baby bottles while being a great space-saving device for smaller homes or apartments. 

Jay-Chi Over Door Hanging Organizer Storage - 7 Large Pockets Closet Bathroom Baby Nursery Organizer Perspective Window Wall Mount Rack for Clothes Toys Sundries(Grey)

7. Turntable Organizer With Bins

A turntable organizer with bins not only keeps your baby bottles neatly stored in one place. But, they also keep your countertop or cupboard clutter-free while making the bottles easily accessible. 

By simply turning the turntable, you can use these organizers in deep cabinets without having to scrabble through various items to find the right bottle. 

YouCopia Crazy Susan Lazy Susan Organizer, 3 BPA-Free Removable Clear Bins with Handles, Rotating Storage Turntable for Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry and Bathroom Organization

8. Dividers in Kitchen Cabinet

If you’re using plastic baby bottles it won’t take you long to realize how often they topple over when storing them. To save you the frustration of uprighting them all the time, store them in dividers designed for kitchen cupboards. 

Glass baby bottles will also be safer in dividers, preventing them from being knocked over and broken. 

mDesign Small Plastic Kitchen Storage Divided Bin for Child/Kids Supplies - 3 Compartments to Organize Baby Food Jars, Pouches, Bottles, Sippy Cups, Cans, Pacifiers, Shampoo - 2 Pack - Smoke Gray

9. Sterilizer for Bottles (and their storage)

Parents love using the Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer for sterilizing AND for storage! The sterilizer can hold at least 4 baby bottles plus nipple flanges, pump connectors, and valves. For breastfeeding moms pumping milk, the sterilizer not only sanitizes pump parts but keeps them neatly stored in one place. 

This sterilizer fits Avent, Comotomo, Tommee Tippee baby bottles as well as other brands. 

10. Make Space in the Cabinet

Making space in a cabinet is another way of storing your baby bottles. Clear a shelf and designated it for baby bottles and parts only. This way, the whole family knows not to use it for anything else. And, your bottles are all kept in one place, neatly. 

Baby bottles stored in a cabinet
Credit: blameitonmei

11. Portable Drying Rack

A portable drying rack is a great solution if you want to use the same item for both washing and storing baby bottles. Find a rack that includes a cup for storing utensils and has adequate space for keeping the loose parts together. A portable drying rack can be safely taken with you wherever you go!

Baby Bottle Drying Rack Storage, Large Nursing Bottle Storage Box Organizer with Cover, Portable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, Durable countertop Dryer

How to Organize Baby Bottles

Assess How Much Storage Space You’ll Need

Take into consideration the following factors when assessing how much storage space you’ll need:

  • Quantity: Determine how many bottles you’ll have at any given time. Feeding one baby requires far fewer bottles compared to having twins or triplets. 
  • Pump parts: If you’re breastfeeding and pumping milk, take into consideration the various pump parts. 
  • Other parts: Factor in space for spare bottle parts such as extra nipples. 
  • Size and shape: Wide-neck vs. narrow neck-neck bottles take up more space so know what size bottles you’ll be using. 

Assess the Available Storage Space

Once you know how much storage space you need, look at your home and decide what areas are available for storing baby bottles. This could mean clearing a shelf in a cabinet, placing plastic drawers in a corner of a room, or using a rolling cart that can be moved from one spot to another. 

Label Everything

A key to a successful organization is to label everything. This makes it easier when you need to find those spare teats in a rush and can’t remember which plastic drawer you stored them in. Labeling containers helps to remind you (and other people responsible for feeding your baby) where everything is kept. 

Watch this video which talks about how to label items at home in some unique and brilliant way!

Store the Bottles

You’ve got the space, and you’ve got the gear for storing the baby bottles. Make sure the space or containers are clean before storing the bottles for hygienic purposes. You can now start stashing the baby bottles neatly and have peace of mind your bottle feeding times will be organized and relaxing. 


Instead of returning the many baby bottles you test on your baby, you might want to keep some. This is where being an organized parent makes parenting so much easier; this includes storing baby bottles in an orderly manner. Use my ideas to help you simplify bottle feeding times so you can enjoy quality time with your baby. 

Ready to store your Comotomo, Boon, Tommee Tippee or Nanobebe bottles?

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