Wide-Neck vs Narrow-Neck Bottles – Differences Explained

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Choosing feeding bottles for your baby can be challenging. Not only are there a huge variety of different brands to choose from, but there are also different neck types for each brand. Some bottles have the more traditional, narrow-neck types while others have wider, rounder necks. When it comes to wide-neck vs narrow-neck bottles, what’s the difference and is one better than the other? 

Wide-neck bottles have a wider, sloped nipple that is essentially shaped like a breast. This wider base prevents nipple confusion and works great for babies who prefer a wider base. Standard bottles have a smaller, thinner nipple. Many parents find the wide-neck bottles easier to clean.

What does a narrow (standard) bottle mean?

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Narrow bottles refer to the standard types of bottlenecks. These are thinner bottles with narrow nipples. Narrow / standard bottles are popular with babies who like to engage the whole nipple when latching. Dr. Brown’s Narrow bottles are very popular and often used for babies with feeding difficulties. 

Other common brands featuring narrow/standard bottles include the following:

  • Comotomo: In general, Comotomo bottles have a wider neck than other standard neck bottles. This makes it easier for babies to latch on and parents to clean. Despite having slightly wider necks, they have different sizes for convenience. 
  • MAM: In addition to a narrow design, MAM also features a silicone nipple, mimicking mom’s skin. 
  • Evenflo: The standard neck bottles and nipples of Evenflo are designed to have a slower, more comfortable flow, making it ideal for smaller babies. 
  • NUK: The NUK standard neck bottles are a common choice in U.K. children’s hospitals and are quite popular in the U.S. as well. They’re ideal for smaller babies who only require a small latch. 

What does a wide-neck (wide-mouth) bottle mean?

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Wide-neck or wide-mouth bottles are bottles with wider, sloped nipples that resemble mom’s breast. These bottlenecks are often made from silicone and are ideal for breastfed babies.

It’s easy to latch on and alternate between breast and bottle. Comotomo is a well-known bottle in the wide-neck range and its silicone feel makes it easy for both baby and parents to handle. If you’re considering a Comotomo bottle, you might also want to read up on the bottle warmers for Comotomo. 

Other brands that feature wide-neck options in their ranges include the following:

  • Avent: The wide-neck bottle from Avent makes it easy for babies to alternate quite easily between breast and bottle.
  • NUK: Some brands like NUK, have a wider bottle to match their wide-neck options. This ergonomic bottle shape makes it comfortable for parents and baby’s to handle. 
  • Evenflo: Bottles from Evenflo that feature the wide-neck allow for the baby’s mouth to stay on the nipple without slipping off.
  • Dr. Brown: The Dr. Brown range of wide-neck bottles is a popular choice by both parents and pediatricians. It eases the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. To see how Dr. Brown compares to Comotomo, you might consider reading my article about the differences between Comotomo and Dr. Brown.

I’ve included a clip for you to see how the ever-popular Dr. Brown wide-neck bottles work!

Dr Brown’s wide neck vs narrow neck bottles

Dr Brown has two shaped bottles: wide neck and narrow neck bottles. The Dr Brown narrow neck bottle or standard bottle are thinner bottles that have narrow nipples. This type of bottle is highly recommended by pediatricians and is ideal for babies with feeding disabilities. 

On the other hand, Dr Brown’s wide neck or wide mouth bottles feature a wider shaped nipple that is shaped closely to a breast. This bottle is ideal for babies who have a wider latch. 

Both the wide and narrow Dr Brown bottles have the same vent system and nipple flow level.

Compatibility of standard and wide-neck bottles with pumps

Finding a bottle type that your baby is comfortable with and enjoys is always a bonus! But, how do the bottles that you’ve chosen fit onto your current breast pump? It’s important to note that wide-neck bottles don’t fit onto all breast pumps

Fortunately, you won’t have to buy a new breast pump! A whole variety of flanges and breast pump adapters are available to link a pump with a narrow-neck to a bottle with a wide-neck.

Most bottles have specific adapters designed to fit their bottle shapes. If you’re buying the bottle, be sure to buy the adapter as well. This will prevent you from having a crisis minutes before a feeding!

Are wide-neck bottles better for breastfed babies?

There is no definitive answer here. Whether your breastfed baby prefers a wide-neck bottle is a matter of preference. Breastfed babies often prefer wide-neck bottles because they’re shaped like a breast. Babies with a wider latch also prefer wide-neck bottles

What are wide-neck to narrow-neck adaptors?

Your baby might love wide-neck bottles and they might be a breeze to clean. But, they could present a challenge when it’s time to connect them to a breast pump. Fortunately, narrow-neck adaptors can eliminate the struggle. 

Narrow-neck adaptors allow you to connect your breast shields and pumps to wide-neck bottles. As the name suggests, adaptors have a narrow-neck on one end and a wide-neck on the other.

Here are some relevant articles on compatibility guide of Spectra breast pumps or for Medela, to name a few.


If you’re still wondering which type of bottleneck to choose for your baby, the general rule of thumb is that if you’re breastfeeding, opt for a wide-neck bottle

It may be easier for your baby to latch onto the bottle. It’ll also be easier to get your baby to alternate between breast and bottle. Wide-neck bottles like the Comotomo are also easier to handle for parents and babies. Additionally, they’re easier to clean and they’re one of the best baby bottles for tongue tied babies!

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