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Pumping and storing breastmilk is a brilliant way to have milk ready for your baby at any time. It’s essential to know which bottle brands will be compatible with your chosen breast pump. However, your baby’s choice of bottle might not be the one you originally had in mind. With that in mind, you might be wondering what bottles fit a spectra pump. 

Both Philips Avent and MAM bottles will screw directly to the Spectra pump flanges. This is because their wide necks are interchangeable with Spectra bottles. Bottles with a similar wide-neck design will also work while others may require a special adaptor between the bottle and the Spectra pump flange.

Key takeaways

  • The most compatible bottles with Spectra pumps are MAM and Philips Avent.
  • Spectra pumps are designed for wide neck bottles which means it’s impossible to connect narrow-neck bottles without an additional adaptor. 
  • Other brands such as Medela, NUK, DR Brown and Tommee Tippee will require special adaptors to connect to the Spectra pump flanges. 
  • Always ensure that you have the right adaptor for both the bottleneck and the flange on the pump to ensure a secure fit. 
  • The S1 Spectra pump is more costly than the S2 but has a rechargeable option that makes it a firm favorite for moms who travel. 

Spectra pump models to consider

The Spectra brand offers two different breast pumps – the S1 and the S2. One of the reasons both models are popular with many moms is that they’re both very comfortable to use. 

My fiancée works in a pharmacy where she consults many other moms and therefore she knows this brand, also the popularity of the S1 and S2 models.

Moms have reported that these models don’t hurt when they’re being used. Additionally, they have strong suction power, even at the lowest setting. The Spectra 2 is also cheaper and smaller. How else do they differ? What are the pros and cons of each one? Let’s find out. 

What bottles are usually used with a Spectra pump?

The bottle brands most compatible with either of the Spectra models are Avent bottles and MAM bottles. This is because they have wide necks that can easily screw directly onto the Spectra flanges. In some instances, many parents prefer wide neck bottles to their narrow counterparts. 

For the most part, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 32mm flanges and shields. To know if your bottle is compatible with a Spectra pump, check if the neck or adaptor is one of the listed flange sizes. Fortunately, flanges are considerably inexpensive which means you can easily buy the right one to connect your bottle to the Spectra pump you’re using.

Can you use both Spectra pump models with different brands of bottles?

The short answer is yes. Bottles that don’t have wide necks to screw directly onto the Spectra flange will require a special adaptor. These adaptors connect the flange to the bottleneck and make pumping possible without any mess.

Bottles that are compatible with the Spectra pump

If you’re buying your bottles and your breast pump at different times, you might find that they aren’t compatible. This can present quite a problem when you want to use your pump for the first time! It’s always advisable to check if the bottles you’re buying will work with your Spectra pump. Here’s a list of bottles that are compatible with the two Spectra pump models. 

Bottle BrandSpectra S1Spectra S2
MedelaYes, with an adaptorYes, with an adaptor
NUKYes, with an adaptorYes, with an adaptor
Dr BrownYes, with an adaptorYes, with an adaptor
Tommee TippeeYes, with an adaptorYes, with an adaptor
Philips AventYesYes
LansinohNo No 
Parent’s Choice No No 

Do Medela bottles fit a Spectra pump?

Medela bottles will easily fit onto a Spectra breast pump, provided you use the correct adaptor. This is because the Medela bottles feature a narrow neck while the Spectra flanges are designed to fit wide-mouth bottles. Using the adaptor will make it easy to pump directly into the bottle. 

Do NUK bottles fit a Spectra pump?

As with the Medela bottles, you’ll need a special NUK adaptor to connect to either of the Spectra breast pump models. Since there are a variety of adaptors on the market, it’s crucial to buy the right one

Do MAM bottles fit a Spectra pump?

Since MAM bottles have a wide neck, they fit onto the Spectra pumps without requiring an additional adaptor. If you haven’t bought your bottles yet, but already have a Spectra pump, it’s a good idea to try the MAM bottles with your baby. If your baby is comfortable using the MAM bottles, you won’t have to struggle with finding the right types of adaptors. 

Do Dr Brown’s bottles fit a Spectra pump?

Since the standard Dr. Brown bottles have narrow necks similar to Medela bottles, you will need an adaptor to connect these to your Spectra pumps. Keep in mind that you will need adaptors that are compatible with both the Dr. Brown bottle and the Spectra pump flange. 

If you’re considering adding Dr. Brown’s bottles to your current feeding regime, understanding the difference between the blue and green versions is important. This will help you choose the right bottle for your baby.

Do Tommee Tippee bottles fit a Spectra pump?

Tommee Tippee bottles will also require an adaptor to connect to the Spectra pump. Tommee Tippee adapters and the Maymom adapters will both work to connect Tommee Tippee bottles to either Spectra pump. 

Do Phillips Avent bottles fit a Spectra pump?

Philips Avent bottles are the second type of bottle that can be connected to the Spectra pump without requiring an adaptor. As with the MAM bottles, this is because the Philips Avent bottles have wider necks and easily fit onto either one of the Spectra pumps. 

Do Lansinoh bottles fit a Spectra Pump?

Lansinoh bottles are quite popular because they’re very comfortable and easy to use. When it comes to fitting on a Spectra pump, the Lansinoh flanges almost fit, but they don’t provide enough of a seal to safely pump the milk into the bottles. Using them may result in a spill. 

Do Parents Choice bottles fit a Spectra Pump?

Parents Choice bottles work well with Medela breast pumps. They however don’t fit securely onto a Spectra pump. You might have to change bottles if you have a Spectra pump. 

More about Spectra S1 and S2 pumps

The Spectra S1

The Spectra S1 features technology that enables several different levels of suction that imitate the experience of natural breastfeeding as closely as possible. Here are the features that stand out with this unit. 


  • Customizable pump settings
  • LCD display and auto timer
  • Easy to use at night without switching on any other lights
  • Ultra-quiet motor


  • Bulky compared to other breast pumps
  • Limited breast flange size

If you’re new to using your Spectra S1 model, this short clip will help you figure it out. 

The Spectra S2

The most significant difference between the two Spectra models is that the S1 boasts a built-in rechargeable battery. The S2 however, only comes with an AC-Adapter as a power option. This makes a considerable difference to moms who travel a lot and need to pump on the go. 


  • Comfortable to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t run on batteries or a car charger
  • Only available in pink, which isn’t a favorite for some moms

I’ve included a short clip that shows you how to effectively use the Spectra S2 breast pump. 


Finding the right bottle to suit your breast pump can be challenging. Fortunately, with the use of the correct adaptor, you’ll easily be able to pump directly into your bottle of choice. This means you won’t have to first pump into another container and then pour into the bottle. It’s crucial to ensure that the adaptor you’re buying is compatible with both the bottleneck and the Spectra pump flange. Doing this will make breast pumping a breeze!

If you happen to also have a pump from another brand or are planning on changing to it, such as from Medela, I wrote an article about which bottles fit pumps from that brand. I also wrote about bottles compatible with Lansinoh pumps or bottles fitting BabyBuddha breast pump or bottles for Bellababy pumps, which you might want to check out.

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