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Bellababy offers a range of quality pump models with different functions but do they fit any baby bottle? If you’re expressing breast milk and looking for what bottles fit a Bellababy pump, I’ve got all the answers you need! Keep reading to find out more.

Bellababy electric breast pumps come with their own feeding bottles and nipples. However, most wide-neck baby bottles can fit Bellababy pumps as long as the mouth opening measures 2 inches in diameter. The Bellababy E19 model comes with bottle adaptors to fit different bottles. 

Key takeaways

  • Bellababy offers six different breast pump models for breastfeeding moms expressing milk.
  • Bellababy has three hands-free wearable breast pumps with milk collectors and three models with feeding bottles and nipples.
  • Most top baby bottle brands can fit Bellababy pumps as long as they’re wide-necked and the mouth opening measures 2 inches in diameter.

Bellababy pump models to consider

Bellababy Hands-Free Wearable Electric Pumps – W38, W40, and W42

Wearable Breast Pump, Fisroa Double Hands Free Breast Pump with 2 Modes & 9 Levels Low Noise Wireless Electric Breast Pump with LCD Display, 27mm, 2 Count, Christmas Gifts

The hands-free, wireless electric wearable breast pumps come in three models – W38, W40, and W42. They have 9 suction levels and 4 modes to customize your pumping experience. The W38 and W42 have a 1600 mAh battery while the W40 has a 1200 mAh battery. 

They all come with a 24mm flange with W38 offering 21, 17, and 28 mm options. W40 and W42 can be used with 21 or 28-mm flanges. They all come with a 180ml milk collector that can hold up to 6 ozs of expressed milk. All breast pumps are made with PP and food-grade silicone

Bellababy Double Breast Pump – E15

This electric breast pump comes with a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery with strong suction. The kit includes 2 feeding bottles and nipples, milk storage bags and adaptors, and three flanges in different sizes – 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm. 

Bellababy MiniO Breast Pump – E19

Bellababy MiniO Breast Pump,Electric Double Breast Pump Rechargeable,Come with 24mm Detachable Flanges,10 Storage Bags,2 Storage Bag Adapters,2 Bottle Neck Adapters

This Bellababy MiniO breast pump has a tiny machine that’ll fit comfortably into your pocket. It comes with 2 bottles and nipples plus 2 bottle neck adaptors. This makes it compatible with other bottle brands

Bellababy Pocket Breast Pump – E21

Bellababy Pocket Breast Pump, Closed System Portable and Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump, Touch Screen LED Display,Quiet Handheld Pain Free,24mm Detachable Flanges

The Bellababy pocket breast pump kit comes with a 1200mAh battery and 2 oval-shaped bottles that hold up to 6 ozs of milk. The 24mm flanges are detachable, making it easier to clean them. 

Watch this video demonstrating how to assemble the Bellababy W38.

What bottles are usually used with a Bellababy pump?

Bottles are provided with the double electric breast pump and pocket breast pump models. Milk collectors are used with hands-free wearable electric breast pumps. It’s recommended to stick with the pumps’ bottles for a smooth and leak-free pumping experience. As you might know, many bottles leak so the leaking issue can be a real problem.

However, if you’re using the MiniO Bellababy pump with bottle adaptors, check if other types of bottles such as anti-colic bottles (instead of using normal bottles) are compatible. 

Can you use all Bellababy pump models with different types of bottles?

Here’s part of the conversation I had with Bellababy’s support team.

Below I provide more details related to your compatibility question.

Bottles that are compatible with Bellababy pump

Bottle BrandW38, W40, W42E15E19E21
Philips AventYesYes (wide-neck bottles)YesYes (wide-neck bottles)
Tommee TippeeYesYes (wide-neck bottles)YesYes (wide-neck bottles)
MedelaYesYes (wide-neck bottles)YesYes (wide-neck bottles)
Dr. BrownYesYes (wide-neck bottles)YesYes (wide-neck bottles)

Do Avent bottles fit a Bellababy pump? 

Wide-neck Avent bottles will fit the Bellababy E15 and E21 pumps as long as the mouth opening diameter measures 2 inches. The W38, W40, and W42 storage containers come with a spout for easy pouring into any bottle. 

Do Lansinoh bottles fit a Bellababy pump?

You can use a Lansinoh pump adaptor with Medela, Avent, or Ameda breast pumps but not with the Bellababy pumps. However, if you want to use the Bellababy hands-free wearable breast pumps, you can pour the expressed milk directly into your Lansinoh bottles for feeding. 

Do Snappies bottles fit a Bellababy pump?

No, Snappies won’t fit any of the Bellababy pumps but you can use them as storage containers for milk pumped using the W38, W40. or W42 models. Bellababy E15 can take most breast milk storage bag brands as long as they have a zip opening which Snappies don’t have. 

Do Tommee Tippee bottles fit a Bellababy pump?

Wide-necked Tommee Tippee bottles can be used with the E15, E19, and E21 models as long as the mouth opening measures 2 inches in diameter. 

Do Medela bottles fit a Bellababy pump?

All wide-necked Medela bottles should fit the Bellababy pumps but if you have any concerns check with the bottle manufacturer before purchasing for your breast pump. 

Do Evenflo bottles fit a Bellababy pump?

Even though Evenflo bottles are a popular choice for parents, there is no reliable information whether these bottles fit a Bellababy pump. However, any wide-neck bottle might be suitable. 

Do Dr. Brown’s bottles fit a Bellababy pump?

Dr. Brown’s wide-necked bottles fit the Bellababy breast pumps but if you want to be safe, rather use the MiniO model with its bottle adaptors. 


Is a Bellababy pump a good product?

Bellababy pumps are good quality and made with PP and food-grade silicone approved by the FDA. The products have undergone stringent testing to ensure they’re safe to use by breastfeeding mothers. 

How do you find a bottle compatible with a Bellababy pump?

The best way to find a bottle compatible with a Bellababy pump is to check with the manufacturer. Most wide-necked bottles fit Bellababy pumps as long as they measure 2 inches in diameter. 

What size is a Bellababy flange? 

Bellababy’s default flange size is 24mm however, you can purchase 17mm, 21mm, 27mm, and 28mm sizes separately. The E15 does come with 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm flanges. 


While most wide-neck bottles may fit Bellababy pumps, I recommend you double-check with the bottle seller before purchasing specifically for your pumping needs. 

If you’re exploring the pros and cons of silicone bottles, make sure they fit your Bellababy breast pump first! In case you’re considering other pumps, such as from Medela, I wrote about bottles compatible with this brand, or bottles fitting BabyBuddha pumps.

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