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Wondering what bottles fit your BabyBuddha breast pump? There are many reasons why the BabyBuddha pump is so popular with new moms. Not only is it compact and easy to use, but it also boasts a closed system which is more hygienic than some of its open-system counterparts. 

One of the benefits of the BabyBuddha breast pump is that it’s compatible with any wide-neck bottle type. That means brands such as Dr. Brown’s, Medela, Avent, Lansinoh and Evenflo will easily fit onto the pump. Narrow-neck designs will require an adapter or backflow protector to connect the bottle to the pump.

Key takeaways

  • Baby Buddah pumps are designed to fit wide-neck bottles, making them compatible with the wide-neck versions of most major bottle brands. 
  • For narrow-neck bottles, a backflow connector or narrow or wide-neck adaptor is required. 

What bottles are usually used with a Baby Buddha Pump

Bottles with wide-necks are the most suited to the Baby Buddha pump. The most popular bottles to consider include Avent and Spectra. Narrow-neck bottle options such as Medela, Pigeon and Dr. Brown will require a wide-mouth connector. 

Can you use all Baby Buddha pump models with different bottles?

Yes, both Baby Buddha pumps can easily be used with wide-neck bottles. With the right connectors, narrow-neck bottles can be attached to the pump flanges. 

Bottles that are compatible with Baby Buddha pumps

Here’s a handy list to help you establish if your bottle will be compatible with the Baby Buddha pump. 

Bottle BrandBaby Buddhha Portable Breast PumpBaby Buddha Manual Breast Pump
AventYes, use wide-neck option or adaptorYes, use wide-neck option or adaptor
MedelaYes, use wide-neck bottle or backflow connectorsYes, use wide-neck bottle or backflow connectors
LansinohYes, use wide-neck bottleYes, use wide-bottle
SpectraYes, use wide-neck bottle or backflow connectorsYes, use wide-neck bottle or backflow connectors
AmedaYes, use wide-neck bottle or wide-to-narrow-neck adaptor Yes, use wide-neck bottle or wide-to-narrow-neck adaptor 
Dr. BrownYes, use wide-neck bottleYes, use wide-neck bottle
EvenfloYes, use wide-neck bottle or wide-to-narrow-neck adaptorYes, use wide-neck bottle or wide-to-narrow-neck adaptor

Can you use Avent bottles with a Baby Buddha pump?

The Philips Avent Natural bottle is wide-necked, making it completely compatible with the Baby Buddha pump. Avent is one of the top bottle choices to use with this pump. 

Philips AVENT Glass Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Clear, 4oz, 4pk, SCY910/04

Can I use Medela bottles with a Baby Buddha pump?

Another bottle that works well with the Baby Buddha Pump is the Medela bottle. You will however need the Medela connectors. It’s as simple as connecting the backflow protectors to the short tubing running from the “Y” valves on the pump tubes. 

Can I use Lansinoh bottles with a Baby Buddha pump?

As another wide-neck bottle, Lansinoh will also easily work with the Baby Buddha pump. 

Can I use Spectra bottles with a Baby Buddha pump? 

Spectra narrow-necked bottles work in the same way as the Medela bottles – in this instance, you’ll use Medela backflow connectors to connect to the “Y” valve. 

Can I use Ameda bottles with a Baby Buddha pump?

The Ameda bottle range has both narrow and wide-neck bottle options as well as a wide -to-narrow-neck adaptor that makes this bottle an easy connection option. Where possible, opt for the wide-neck, but if all you have is the narrow-neck, simply use the adaptor. 

Can I use Dr Brown’s bottles with a Baby Buddha pump?

Many parents prefer the anti-colic properties of a Dr. Brown bottle. The good news here is that you don’t have to give up on your favorite bottle brand – simply opt for the wide-neck version offered by the brand. 

Can I use Evenflo bottles with a Baby Buddha pump?

Evenflow has both wide and narrow-neck bottles, so it’s a good idea to opt for buying the wide-neck bottles. This eliminates having to search for the right narrow-neck connectors.

Which Adapter and Backflow Protectors to Use

The best adapter to use with a Baby Budda pump would be from Freemie. If you’re using other parts with your breast pump you’ll need a backflow protector too. The Pump Mom backflow protector works with Medela and Spectra parts when using your Baby Budda pump. 

PumpMom Backflow Protector and Membranes, Replacement Breast Pump Backflow Protector for Spectra S1/ Spectra S2/ Spectra 9 Plus Breastpumps(Not Original Spectra Pump Parts)

Baby Buddha Pump models to consider 

There are currently two choices from the Baby Buddha pump range. They are listed as follows:

1. Baby Buddha Breast Pump Portable

BabyBuddha Breast Pump Hands Free - Portable & Compact with 15 Levels of Control - Battery Powered Electric Breast Milk Pump - Quiet Single/Double Wearable Breast Pump for New Moms - FSA Baby Approved


  • Portable and compact
  • Hygienic design
  • Double milk pump
  • Anti-backflow design


  • Battery doesn’t last as long as advertised
  • Louder than most competitor products

Here’s a short clip sharing a few helpful tips for using the Buddha pump, portable version. 

2. Baby Buddha Manual Breast Pump

BabyBuddha Manual Breast Pump - Single Hand Pump Breastmilk - Cordless; No Electricity or Batteries Required - with Soft Massage Cushion for Comfort - Quiet, Lightweight, Dishwasher Safe - BPA Free


  • Closed system makes it hygienic
  • Flange features a massage cushion
  • Package contains everything you need


  • Pump mechanism makes it hard to let down


How do you find the right bottle for a breast pump?

For a bottle to be compatible with your breast pump, it needs to easily screw onto the pump flange without leaking. In some instances, you may need to buy the necessary narrow to wide-neck adaptor to make this work, especially if the bottleneck is narrower than the pump.

Is the Buddha pump a good product to use with other bottles?

Aside from its portability, the other reason moms love the Buddha pump is that it can work with several bottle brands, especially if they have wide-necks! For narrow-neck bottles, simply get the right adapters.

What should you do if your bottle doesn’t fit the Buddha pump?

Bottle types such as the Medela and Spectra require you to connect the relevant backflow protectors. These protectors are then connected to the short tubing running from the pump’s “Y” valve. 


If you enjoy the comfort and portability of the Baby Buddha pump, the good news is that you don’t have to pass on this nifty little pump because your baby’s favorite bottle doesn’t fit on it! Since the pump is compatible with wide-neck options, simply opt for the wide-neck version of your little one’s favorite brand. 

Still searching for the best breast pump? My articles about Medela pumps and their compatible bottles, or about Spectra pumps and their suitable bottles or on Lansinoh pump-compatible bottles will make it easier to find the best pump for you!

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