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Finding the right bottle for your baby can be challenging. For starters, there are so many options to choose from. And then, of course, your little one may not adjust to the one that you’ve selected. That said, you may already be comparing various options, which is why you’re interested in Lansinoh vs Evenflo bottles. 

Both Lansinoh and Event bottles are among the top brands to consider. Both have anti-colic options to assist with colic or reflux symptoms. Furthermore, both brands have two different sizes and are available in BPA-free plastic and glass variations. They also feature wide-neck bottles for babies transitioning between breast and bottle. 

Key takeaways

  • Lansinoh and Evenflo are both well-known quality brands.
  • Both are made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic and also feature glass options.
  • Parents will easily be able to choose between each brand’s anti-colic, breast milk storage and feeding bottles.
  • Reviews show that parents love both brands because the bottles are easy to latch onto and make transitioning easier.

Differences between Lansinoh and Evenflo bottles 

To get an accurate view of the key differences between Lansinoh and Evenflo, I’ve drawn up a side-by-side table to make comparing these brands so much easier. 

FeaturesLansinoh Evenflo
Size– 5 oz
– 8 oz
– 4 oz
– 8 oz
– 9 oz
Material– BPA-free polypropylene plastic
– Glass
– BPA-free polypropylene plastic
– Glass
Nipple designNaturalWave NippleVented + standard neck 
Bottle shape– Wide-neck
– Standard neck
– Wide-neck
– Standard neck
Types of bottles– Anti-colic
– Breast milk storage
– Feeding bottle
– Anti-colic
– Breast milk storage
– Feeding bottle

Lansinoh Baby Bottle Features 


Lansinoh bottles are available in two different sizes. 

  • Breastfeeding bottles: 5 oz
  • Glass baby bottles: 8 oz
  • Breast pump bottles: 5 oz

Nipple design

After 50 years of extensive research, Lansinoh developed the NaturalWave Nipple. With this nipple, your baby is able to perform the same natural sucking actions they learn during breastfeeding. This makes the transition between breast and bottle a breeze!

Lansinoh NaturalWave Baby Bottle Nipples, Fast Flow, Size 4L, Anti-Colic, 2 Count

Bottle shapes

Lansinoh bottles boast a wide-neck option that makes pumping, storing and feeding considerably easier. This type of bottle shape is intended to reinforce breastfeeding patterns. Read about wide-neck vs narrow neck bottles, to understand the benefits to help you choose the best one. One big advantage of using Lansinoh bottles is that they fit Lansinoh pumps very well, in case that’s your chosen pumping brand.

Types of bottles 

Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Slow Flow Nipple, 5 Ounces

Lansinoh features the following bottle types:

  • Breast milk storage bottles: These bottles are specially designed for keeping breast milk safe and also feature an easy-twist cap. Breast milk can be directly pumped into the bottle. With the NaturalWave nipple, the same bottle can be used for feeding–simply screw the nipple on.
  • Feeding bottles: The Momma breastmilk feeding bottle features a soft and flexible silicone nipple with a matte surface, making latching quick and easy.
  • Glass feeding bottles: For parents who prefer glass, this is the ideal option. Made from medical-grade borosilicate glass, these bottles are sturdy and thermally resistant. 

All Lansinoh bottles are anti-colic and feature an innovative Lansinoh’s Air Ventilation System (AVS) to reduce the baby’s intake of gas. This venting system makes feeding babies who suffer from colic symptoms considerably easier. 

Bottle materials

Lansinoh’s plastic bottles are made from polypropylene which is BPA-free. Here you can read more about BPA-free baby bottles. Additionally, Lansinoh’s plastic bottles are also chemical, additive and toxin-free. Their glass bottles are made from medical-grade borosilicate and are a firm favorite with parents who want to move away from the plastic option.

Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Slow Flow Nipple, 5 Ounces

Do Evenflo teats fit Lansinoh bottles?

Due to the Lansinoh bottle’s shape, Evenflo teats don’t fit on their bottles. The nipples that are compatible with Lansinoh are:

  • Dr.Brown’s Wide-neck Nipples
  • Joovy Boob Nipples
  • Philips Avent Nipples
  • MAM Baby Bottle Nipples

Evenflo baby bottle features 


Evenflo features the following sizes:

  • Evenflo Feeding Premium Proflo: 4 oz
  • Evenflo Classic Light: 8 oz
  • Evenflo Standard Neck: 9 oz

Nipple design

The Evenflo Feeding Vented + Standard Neck Nipple is made from 100% silicone, making them comfortable for transitioning. The nipples also feature an integrated 1-piece venting system that reduces colic, reflux and gas. 

Bottle shapes

Evenflo boasts a unique ergonomic shape that makes the bottle easy to hold. This also makes feeding time more comfortable for the baby.

Types of bottles

Evenflo Feeding Premium Proflo Venting Balance Plus Wide Neck Baby, Newborn and Infant Bottles - Helps Reduce Colic - 9 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Evenflo bottles are made up of the following types:

  • Evenflo Feeding Premium Proflo: This bottle features a patented Proflo Venting Technology which reduces the number of bubbles that end up in your baby’s tummy. This assists with minimizing colic symptoms.
  • Evenflo Feeding Glass: The Evenflo glass bottles have an ergonomically shaped twist to make it easy for little hands to get a comfortable but firm grip on the bottle.
  • Evenflo Classic: This is a standard-shaped bottle, available in three bright colors. 

Bottle materials

Evenflo bottles are made from BPA-free polypropylene. As with Lansinoh bottles, the Evenflo versions are toxin and chemical-free.

Evenflo Feeding Premium Proflo Venting Balance Plus Wide Neck Baby, Newborn and Infant Bottles - Helps Reduce Colic - 9 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Do Lansinoh teats fit Evenflo bottles?

Lansinoh teats don’t fit on Evenflo bottles. The nipple brands that are compatible with Evenflo are:

  • Lifefacotory Nipples
  • Dr.Browns Regular Nipples (not wide-neck)

Facts about Lansinoh

  • The Lansinoh brand prides itself in being designed by moms for moms
  • Lansinoh has produced award-winning breast pumps, bottles and breast milk storage bags.
  • Lansinoh also features birth prep & recovery products such as nipple creams, organic massage oil and pain relief spray. 

Facts about Evenflo

  • The Evenflo brand has been around since 1920 and feeding nipples were among their first products.
  • In 2003 the brand was voted the World’s Best Baby Care Brand based on its innovative breast pumps and bottles.
  • In addition to bottle feeding, pacifier and soother products, they are also well known for their juvenile travel and home safety equipment. 

Which baby bottle brand is best? 

Between these two brands, one is not necessarily better than the other. Your choice between them will largely come down to what your baby feels comfortable with.

Both options are excellent for anti-colic and breast milk storage. 


Both Lansinoh and Evenflo are top-quality brands that offer innovative anti-colic features. With similar features, either option will be an excellent choice for your baby!

By the way, once you buy a bottle or bottles from these brands, did you know you need to check which nipples they’ll be compatible with? Or what about comparing Lansinoh brand with Comotomo’s bottles or Lansinoh vs Avent comparison?

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