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Looking for the differences when comparing Lansinoh vs Avent bottles because you’re trying to decide which brand to go for? 

When my little princess was born, we found out the hard way that our favorite bottles were not her top choice. That said, it took some research as well as some trial and error to find an option she would settle on. In our search for the right bottle, two of the options we compared were Lansinoh and Avent. 

Key takeaways

  • Lansinoh and Avent are both reputable brands, well known for their quality. 
  • Both options feature similar features such as anti-colic bottles. 
  • The transitioning process is easy with both brands.

Differences between Lansinoh and Avent bottles

I’ve drawn up a side-by-side comparison to give you a quick view of how these two top brands stack up.

Size5 oz8 oz2 oz4 oz9 oz
Nipple designNaturalWave Nipple DesignBreast-shaped or traditional
Bottle shapesStandard neckWide neckStandard neckWide neck
Types of bottlesFeeding bottleAnti-colicBreast milk storageGlass bottleAnti-colic bottleNatural baby bottle
Bottle materialsBPA-free polypropyleneGlassBPA-free polypropyleneGlass
Dishwasher safeYesYes
Microwave safeYes, to sterilize the bottle, not recommended for heating milkYes, without screwing, vent, nipple and cap
Ease of cleaningEasy to clean – handwashing, dishwashing, steaming and sterilizingEasy to clean – handwashing, dishwashing, steaming and sterilizing
LeakageProne to leakageProne
Anti-colic/gasYesClinically proven to reduce colic 
RecyclableNot all componentsYes, except for the nipple
Expiration dateNo expiration date–check for normal wearNo expiration date–check for normal wear

Lansinoh baby bottle features 

Types of bottles

Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Slow Flow Nipple, 5 Ounces

Bottle types you can expect from Lansinoh include the following:


Lansinoh bottles are available in two sizes:

  • Breast pump bottles: 5 oz
  • Feeding bottles: 8 oz
  • Glass baby bottle: 5 oz

Nipple design

Lansinoh makes use of their NaturalWave Nipple, developed after 50 years of working hard to develop the perfect nipple. This nifty nipple allows babies to perform the same sucking action they learn during breastfeeding. 

Bottle shapes

The wide-neck option from Lansinoh makes pumping and feeding considerably easier. Moms who use the Lansinoh bottle find that the wider neck makes latching much easier. 

Bottle materials

Lansinoh has both plastic and glass bottles. Their plastic bottles are made from BPA-free polypropylene which is toxin and chemical free. Glass bottles on the other hand are made from medical-grade borosilicate

Dishwasher safe

Both Lansinoh bottles and NaturalWave nipples are dishwasher-safe. However, the nipple can become damaged if continuously washed in the dishwasher. 

Microwave safe

Lansinoh recommends only using the microwave to sterilize your bottles. They don’t recommend heating the milk in the microwave as it can scald the baby if the milk is unevenly heated. 

Ease of cleaning

All Lansinoh bottle components are easy to clean, either by hand or dishwasher. 


Bottle lid must be screwed on tightly and correctly to avoid leaking as this is often a common problem with Lansinoh bottles.


Lansinoh anti-colic bottles feature their patented Air Ventilation System (AVS) which reduces intake of gas, spit up and other colic symptoms often experienced by babies. 


Not all of the Lansinoh bottle components are recyclable. 

Expiration date

Lansinoh bottles and nipples don’t have an expiration date but will become worn out over time. On average, bottles should be replaced when they show signs of wear.

Avent Baby Bottle Features 

Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Newborn Baby Gift Set, SCD838/02

Types of bottles

Avent bottles include the following:


Avent bottles have three sizes:

  • 2 oz
  • 4 oz
  • 9 oz

Nipple design

In addition to standard nipples, Avent also features a breast-shaped nipple, ideal for babies transitioning between breast and bottle. 

Bottle shapes

Avent bottles are available in both standard and wide-neck options. The wide-neck has been designed to mimic mom’s breasts. 

Bottle materials

As with the Lansinoh bottle, Avent bottles are made from polypropylene plastic which is BP-free and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Glass bottles are made of pharmacy-grade borosilicate glass and are heat and shock resistant. 

Dishwasher safe

All Avent bottle components can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Since the nipples are made from dishwasher-safe silicone, they can withstand the dishwasher’s hottest water setting. 

Microwave safe

Avent bottles can be placed in the microwave for both heating milk as well as sterilizing the bottle. However, the screw ring, AirFree vent, nipple and cap shouldn’t be placed in the microwave during heating as these components can become damaged. 

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning an Avent bottle is quick and easy since it can be washed by hand, sterilized in the microwave and washed in the top shelf of the dishwasher, for example using a great dishwasher basket for baby bottles


The Avent bottle is prone to leaking, just like many other anti-colic bottles. Most parents find assembling each component properly reduces the leakage. 

Here’s a short clip to show you how to assemble an Avent bottle to avoid leaking.


Avent bottles make use of the Airflex venting system to reduce air ingestion. 


All Avent bottle components are recyclable, except for the silicone nipple. 

Expiration date

Avent bottles don’t have an expiration date, but parents should check the nipple for damage or normal wear after a few weeks. 

Facts about Lansinoh

  • Essentially, Lansinoh has been designed by moms for moms, making it a firm favorite. 
  • In addition to quality feeding bottles, Lansinoh also produces breast pumps and breast milk storage bags. 
  • Other products that make Lansinoh quite popular include organic massage oils, pain relief sprays and nipple creams.

Facts About Avent

  • Avent was created in 1984 and launched a shorter baby bottle with a wide neck.
  • They were the first company to produce nipples from silicone.

Which bottle should you get?

Both brands are ideal for babies who are transitioning between breast and bottle. Since both have an anti-colic option, either one will be a good choice for your baby!


Lansinoh and Avent are both excellent brands. No matter which one your baby finally settles on–because it really is up to them–you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll have a quality bottle! 

Still shortlisting options? My posts about Lansinoh vs Comotomo, Lansinoh vs Evenflo bottles will give you more options to consider! Or if you want to compare Avent to other bottles, such as NUK, I got you also covered.

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