Are Baby Bottle Nipples Interchangeable? STOP the Confusion!

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One of the common reasons your hungry baby may be rejecting their bottle may have to do with the bottle-nipple combination. This might leave you wondering whether baby bottle nipples are universal. 

Baby bottle nipples aren’t interchangeable. This is because they are made with different-sized parts and bottles. Furthermore, some bottles have flattened tips and disposable plastic liners. That means that standard nipples and ones with long rounded tips won’t fit on just any bottle. 

Key takeaways

  • Not all baby bottles have interchangeable nipples due to their different sizes and designs
  • Some bottle brands have similar designs and moving parts, making them interchangeable with each other
  • Look out for the signs that your baby is ready to move onto the next nipple
  • Always check that the nipples are compatible with the bottle you have

Are there bottles that have interchangeable nipples?

The good news is that there are a variety of baby bottle brands that are interchangeable with each other. These are usually the case where brands have similar designs and bottle parts.

Why nipples aren’t one size fits all

Many years ago when there was generally only one baby bottle design, it may have been easy to interchange nipples between bottle brands. However, that’s all changed. Modern feeding bottles come in all shapes and sizes these days. Furthermore, some are designed to mimic breasts while others are narrow for easy grip. 

This means there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all scenario for bottle nipples. Additionally, Anti-Colic bottles have different parts that may not fit with other brand nipples. Adding the wrong nipples may lead to one of the top reasons why bottles leak due to the size or design of the bottle 

Baby bottle brands that have interchangeable nipples

With the wide variety of bottles and nipples on the market, it might be challenging to know which nipples are interchangeable. The table below should make it easier to find the right nipple-bottle combination.

Bottle BrandCompatible Nipples
Dr. Browns Orginal Baby BottleBottles must have a similar venting system
– Evenflo Bottles NipplesLifefactory Bottle Nipples
Dr. Browns Wide Neck Bottles– Lansinoh Nipples
Evenflo Classic Baby BottleRegular Lifefactory Nipples
– Dr.Browns Nipples (not wide neck)
Philips Avent Baby Bottles– Dr. Browns Wide Neck Nipples
– MAM Bottle Nipples
Philips Avent Nipples
– Lansinoh Baby Bottle Nipples
Lansinoh Baby Bottles– Philips Avent Nipples
Joovy Boob Nipples
Dr. Browns Wide Neck Nipples
MAM Baby Bottle Nipples
Lifefactory Baby Bottles– Dr. Browns Regular Nipples
Evenflo Baby Bottles Nipples
Tommee Tippee Baby BottlesDue to the brand’s unique bottle shape, there aren’t compatible nipple brands
NUK Baby Bottles– Lasinoh Nipples
Medela Baby BottlesDue to its vented design, Medela bottles aren’t compatible with other brand’s nipples
Munchkin Baby BottlesDue to the bottle’s unique design, there aren’t any compatible nipples from other brands
MAM BottlesLansinoh Baby Bottle Nipples
– Philips Avent Nipples

How to use different nipple brands with your baby bottles

There may be a few simple reasons why you might opt to interchange nipples with different bottle brands. One of these reasons may be because you can’t find the stock of the nipples you need. 

Whatever the reason, always consider the following pointers:

  • Vented bottles: Some bottles, such as the Dr. Browns, feature a specialized Anti-Colic design. This type of design might not fit on other bottles. Always check that your type of Anti-Colic bottle will fit the type of nipple you’re considering. 
  • Wide neck: Just by looking at some bottles, you’ll be able to see that standard nipples won’t fit on all types of bottles. Bottles with wide necks require specific nipples. There are also different-sized wide-neck bottles. Check the size of your bottle and the nipple you want to use to see if they’re compatible. This will ensure there’s no leaking and your baby won’t struggle to get any milk out. 
  • Check the nipple collar: Some bottles, such as the Born Free Breeze bottle, come with a nipple and a collar. In this instance, the nipple can’t make be removed from the bottle collar. This means that these types of bottles won’t be interchangeable with other bottles. 

Why you’d want baby bottles with interchangeable nipples

It might be time to change your baby bottle nipple. However, you can’t find the corresponding nipple in the next size. So, why not then just buy a new or different bottle? Here are the primary reasons why parents might require an interchangeable nipple. 

  • Size: Some nipples are bigger than others and may be uncomfortable for your baby to drink from
  • Comfort: You have different bottles but your baby seems to prefer one specific nipple—it would be great if this nipple fit on your other bottles
  • Flow: Your baby is ready to move up to the next flow level and you might want to use the same nipple on all their bottles
  • Quality bottle: You prefer the quality of your bottle and don’t want to change it to another brand

Signs your baby needs a nipple change

Fortunately, there are a few signs that will help you know when your baby bottle needs a nipple change to the next flow. The most prominent are listed below. 

Baby appears frustrated

One of the more obvious signs that it’s time for a nipple change will be a frustrated baby. This is because they’re hungry but don’t seem to be getting the right amount of milk out of the nipple to satisfy them.

Meal times take longer than before

With milk not flowing out fast enough and a frustrated baby, meal times will generally start taking longer.  

Baby hits the bottle when feeding

If your baby isn’t getting the milk at the speed or rate they want, their frustration may end in them hitting the bottle. This is their way of trying to get more milk out of the bottle.

Baby pushing out bottle with tongue

Another sign can be that your baby is pushing out the bottle with his/her tongue. This is a topic I covered in-depth in a separate article.

Baby is sucking fiercely

In an attempt to get the milk out of the bottle, the baby may start fiercelysucking at the bottle. As with hitting the bottle, they’re trying to get more milk out of the bottle.  

This short clip from Evenflo shows you how easy it is to see when your baby’s bottle nipple needs to be changed. 


Since not all baby bottle nipples are interchangeable, it’s recommended that wherever possible you use the nipples meant for your specific bottle brand. This will ensure that all the parts work properly and that your baby gets the right milk flow during feeding.

Another “fitting” problem parents encounter is some bottle brands not fitting certain pumps, e.g. from Medela or from Spectra. Or would you like to compare some popular bottles, such as bottles from Lansinoh or Evenflo or Lansinoh’s with Comotomo’s?

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