Where to Donate Baby Bottles? 9 Places (Incl. Near You)

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If you’re bottle feeding your baby, one thing is for sure and that’s having a cupboard full of used and unused bottles that your little one will eventually outgrow. Tossing them out seems a waste when they’re in good condition, leaving you wondering if and where to donate baby bottles instead.

Gently used and new baby bottles can be donated if they’re in excellent condition, clean, and safe. There are a number of nonprofit organizations and thrift stores who’ll accept donated bottles. You can also use social media platforms and online classifieds to donate baby bottles.

Key takeaways

  • It’s easier to donate new, unused baby bottles for hygienic reasons.
  • Baby banks, thrift stores, social media platforms, family members, and community websites are some places where you can donate baby bottles.
  • Use my list of five places where you can donate used and unused baby bottles.
  • My list of four places will give you ideas of places to donate glass baby bottles.
  • Preparing baby bottles before donating them is essential for health and safety reasons. 

Can You Donate Used Baby Bottles?

Charities, thrift shops, and online stores often turn away used baby bottles and pacifiers for hygienic reasons. But, this doesn’t stop you from donating your gently used baby bottles on social media platforms or the local classifieds. 

Where Can You Donate Baby Bottles? 

Finding places that’ll accept your used or unused baby bottles as a donation means knowing what their requirements are for donated items.

The most common request is for any used baby item to be clean, in excellent condition, and safe

Always ask yourself, “Would I gift this to someone?” to avoid handing over damaged goods that would insult or harm the recipient. 

Non-profit organizations

Baby Banks

Baby Banks is a non-profit organization that operates as a network within a community. It plays a vital role in distributing new and gently used baby items to families in need. They don’t distribute directly to families but instead, work closely with social workers and other healthcare professionals working with families facing challenges.

In the UK, many families are turning to baby banks as they face the cost-of-living crisis. In the U.S, the National Diaper Bank Network works on similar principles but only focuses on diapers. 

Baby banks have strict guidelines as to what can be donated and in what conditions the items must be before being passed on. They do accept Avent and Tommee Tippee baby bottles and brand-new teats

Helping Mamas

Helping Mamas a non-profit organization that supports mothers in need. They’ll accept donations of new baby bottles. 


Baby2Baby is a mega diaper bank and nonprofit organization that provides other essential items to babies and children in need. They’ll accept new and used baby items. 

Social Media

Online platforms such as Facebook have marketplaces specifically for baby items and you can stipulate donations instead of adding a price for your bottles. Parents looking for free baby items can browse Facebook Marketplace by selecting the “Only Show Free Listings” category. This way your donation of used and unused baby bottles can be easily found.

The advantage of using local online marketplace platforms is that you can post the items immediately and reach other families in your neighborhood. This makes it easier for the bottles to be collected or delivered without having to pay for courier or traveling costs

Thrift Stores

When thinking of thrift stores, the first names to come to your mind could be The Salvation Army or Goodwill. These organizations aim to support the community in many ways such as assisting them to find work or meet other human needs while giving back dignity. They accept donations to fund their work.

Other local thrift stores can be found in your neighborhood and they’re run by volunteers associated with a church or charity selling donated items to raise funds. Most accept gently used baby items but always check beforehand if they accept secondhand bottles. 

Family Members

Family members who know each other well won’t have a problem accepting new or used baby bottles if they know you’ll only give them items in good condition. 

Donating to family members not only helps them save money or use it on other baby items that would love to have. But, it saves you time and money hunting down thrift stores or baby banks or going through the procedure of donating your bottles online. 

Community Websites

Community websites such as Craiglist are free sites that focus on your local area. Posting your baby bottles on these platforms is easy and quick, reaching families looking for ways to cut down on expenses associated with bottle feeding. You can list baby bottles for donation in your local community using either the “Free” or “Baby+Kid” category under the “For Sale” section.

It’s recommended to meet recipients in a public location for your own safety. 

Other organizations

  • Union Rescue Mission: Supporting women, men, and children facing homelessness in Los Angeles, this organization will accept baby items that are clean, safe, and in excellent condition. 

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist give you the option to donate baby bottles in your local area. But, when looking where to donate baby bottles near me, consider Goodwill, which has a broader reach throughout the United States

Another option for donating second hand baby bottles is to consider your local zoo, animal shelter, or hospital. 

Where to Donate Glass Baby Bottles

  • The Salvation Army: Donating glass bottles directly to the organization’s thrift stores prevents the risk of them breaking if you had to deposit them in a donation bin. 
  • Donation Town: This organization will pick up your glass baby bottles and other items and distribute them to the right charities searching for these items. 
  • Donate Stuff: Not only will your glass baby bottles be picked up, but they’ll be reused or donated to a charity that needs this type of baby item. 
  • Room to Grow: Supporting families with babies up to three years old, Room to Grow will accept feeding equipment, including glass baby bottles, that’s new. 

What to Consider Before Donating Baby Bottles

Before deciding to donate or sell your used baby bottles, there are some terms and conditions that need to be considered:

  • The bottles must be hygienic and in excellent condition for health and safety reasons.
  • Always check with the organization or marketplace if used baby bottles can be donated. 
  • All parts must be included.
  • Don’t donate second hand teats.
  • Consider reusing a bottle for another baby.

How to Prepare Baby Bottles Before Donating Them

Wash and Sanitize the Bottles 

Baby bottles must be washed and sanitized before donating them, whether it’s a charity, a local community member, or a family member. Hygiene is of utmost importance when donating feeding supplies even during emergencies

Watch this video for more information on how to clean and sterilize baby bottles. Then you may read about why I think it’s necessary to dry them on a baby bottle drying rack.

Ensure all Parts of the Bottle are Together

Ensuring all parts of the bottle are together means you’re donating feeding equipment that’s intact and of use to the receiving family! There’s no point donating baby bottles created for reflux if the venting system is missing! When donating, put the bottles and all the parts together in one bag or box if the original packaging is missing. 

Ensure Parts of the Bottles Aren’t Broken

Inspect the bottles and parts to make sure they’re not damaged or broken. Look for cracks, peeling material, or holes, and if present, consider recycling or tossing them. Most organizations who accept gently or barely used baby bottles as a donation request new teats so don’t include used nipples in the pack.  

Final Thoughts 

With so many families struggling to make ends meet, your donation of baby bottles would be highly appreciated. When wondering if baby bottles and nipples actually expire and if they can be reused or donated, always make hygiene your number one priority. This way, when looking for where to donate used or unused baby bottles, you’re giving a valuable gift to a family in need.

In case you’re in the mood for donating, another related item you might have is baby formula which you might want to donate, too.

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