Hot Water Bottles for Babies – For Many Uses?

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Hot water bottles are one of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the family warm and cozy on cold winter nights. But, does that include your baby? Are there hot water bottles for babies?

You’d be very interested to know that there are several types of hot water bottles designed specifically for your little one. That means it’s going to be a whole lot easier to keep your baby warm in the long winter months.

Did you know that a warm bottle, strategically placed, can alleviate colic and infant gas symptoms? However, since your baby’s skin is more sensitive than yours, it means certain precautions need to be taken to ensure the safe usage of hot water bottles around babies.

Today I’ve compiled a list of my favorite, most practical water bottle options and I’ve included a few safety pointers for you to keep in mind.

What is the Point of Hot Water Bottles for Babies?

Babies are more likely to fall asleep in a warm room. Hot water bottles can be used to warm the baby’s cot and blankets. You could even use the hot water bottle to warm your baby’s towel or clothes. In addition to that, you could use such a bottle to ease colic, gas, and constipation symptoms.

Can You Use a Hot Water Bottle on a Baby? Are They Safe?

Let’s answer the most important question right away. According to research, burns are the fourth most common cause of accidents among children in America. So we don’t want to contribute to these scary statistics, the baby should not sleep on a hot water bottle, or even next to it. Hot water bottles could burst or leak and burn your little one.

Hot Water Bottles for Baby’s Tummy

The warmth of a hot water bottle can assist with the relief of infant gas and constipation symptoms.

Bebon Belly Hugger

Baby Colic, Gas and Upset Stomach Relief, Baby Heated Tummy Wrap for Newborns - Belly Hugger - Infant Swaddling Belly Belt, Heating Pad with Soothing Warmth for Fussy Infants (Blue)

Dealing with a baby who is suffering from infant gas, colic or baby tummy aches can be frustrating for parents. Since warmth helps alleviate the symptoms associated with gas and colic, this heated gel pack is the perfect solution!

An added bonus is this baby hugger can be used as a cold treatment for scratches, swelling, and bruises on bigger toddlers. This hugger is a medicine-free solution to your baby’s colic or constipation issues!


  • External remedy – no medicine needed
  • Fits newborn to 12-month old babies
  • Dual-purpose – heated gel pack and icy relief


  • Doesn’t stay warm for a long period
  • The heating gel pad stretches after a few uses

Hot Water Bottle for Baby’s Gas and Colic

Here’s another hot water bottle that’ll help babies with tummy problems leading to gas and colic. Any parent who’s ever had a colicky baby knows just how difficult it can be to soothe. A warm bottle placed close to the baby’s tummy will help ease the discomfort of colic!

Sevi Baby Microwaveable Belly Band for Relieving Gas Pains

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Made from 100% cotton, this belly band offers organic therapy for your baby’s gas pain. This product contains cherry pits and is primarily suited for newborns. A big advantage is that it’s microwaveable and reusable. That makes this the ideal hot water bottle for baby colic.


  • Certified by several independent inspection centers
  • Reduces baby’s tummy pains without medicine
  • Cherry pits maintain and release heat for long periods


  • A strange smell when heated
  • Gets too hot

Colic is a problem many babies struggle with. It can be very frustrating for parents as it’s difficult to provide the baby with some comfort. Here’s a clip to give you some insight into dealing with it.

Hot Water Bottle for Baby’s Crib

Using a hot water bottle to warm up your little one’s cot or bed before bedtime is a great way to ensure your baby feels comfortable and cozy from the minute you lay them down.

Cara Baby Hot Cold Water Bottle with Cloth Cover

Cara Baby Hot Cold Water Bottle with Cloth Cover

This nifty water bottle not only comes with a cute little cloth cover but also has a screw-top stopper which ensures there’ll be no leaking or scalding. With its 24 ounce capacity, it can be used for both warm and cold therapy.

It’s made from natural rubber which allows it to retain heat for a much longer period. A 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer adds additional value to this product!


  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Comes with a soft removable, washable cover
  • Can be used for warm and cold therapy


  • Cover stretches after washing
  • Bigger than expected for a newborn

Japanese Hot Water Bottle

Japanese Hot Water Bottle [Yutanpo Japan Import] Size 2.6 liter

While not specifically designed for babies, this Japanese favorite is still an excellent option for warming your baby’s cot. This bottle stays warm through the night and its large water capacity is ideal for larger cots or beds. Since my several visits to Japan, I’ve fallen in love with Japanese products because of their innovative nature and high quality.


  • Easy carry handle
  • Holds heat for long periods
  • 2.6L water capacity


  • Can be costly

Using a Metal Hot Water Bottle for Baby

Metal hot water bottles may not be as common as their plastic or rubber counterparts, but they’re perfect for heating your baby’s bed just before bedtime! But always make sure you remove it before placing your baby in the crib.

Man-nen Tin Hot Water Bottle

Man-nen Tin Hot-water Bottle(japan Import)

Made from galvanized steel, this Japanese hot water bottle is popular for heating beds on a cold night. Unlike their plastic or rubber counterparts, they aren’t prone to leaking or bursting and are therefore quite durable!


  • Durable
  • Stays warm for long periods – ideal for cot warming
  • Less likely to leak like plastic or rubber bottles


  • Gets very hot – must use with cover
  • Easy to burn from the metal sides

Safety Tips: How to Use Hot Water Bottles Safely

There are several safety tips that you should be aware of if you’re going to use a hot water bottle in a baby’s crib. I’ve listed the most important tips below:

  • Hot water in the bottle shouldn’t exceed 104°F or 40°C.
  • Ensure that the hot water bottle has a cover. None of the rubber should be exposed. Covers can be made of material or wool.
  • Never allow any other children in the home to handle or fill the bottle. They won’t be able to tighten it as tightly as a parent can.
  • The hot water bottle should be used to warm the bed, crib, or basket when you’re preparing the bed for sleep time. Again, please do not use it on your baby!
  • A hot water bottle is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with them. Don’t even allow this when the bottle is empty. A smaller toddler won’t understand the difference between a full bottle and an empty bottle, so they’ll always regard it as a toy. The rule should be, it’s not to be touched by little ones, at all.
  • Test the bottle before placing it in the cot. Ensure the seals are not leaking.

Alternatives to Hot Water Bottles for Babies

Not all parents are sold on using hot water bottles in their baby’s bed. The good news is, there are a few other ways of keeping your little one warm before and during sleeping time. Let’s look at a few of these below.

Space Heaters

One of the quickest and easiest ways to warm your baby is to warm the room he or she is going to sleep in. The best way to achieve this is with a quality space heater. Space heaters are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes that can easily fit in the nursery. This will allow you to keep the nursery at the correct temperature of 72°F or 22°C.

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery, Electric Space Heater for Baby with Locking Controls, Tipover Protection, Safety Shutoff, Hidden Cord Storage, 900W with Adjustable Thermostat, White


Ensuring the crib is warm goes a long way toward keeping your baby warm. Make sure you’re using a firm mattress with a waterproof protector. You can drape additional blankets over three of the crib sides. Always keep one side open for adequate ventilation. Add a few lightweight blankets to the baby’s cot.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets – Soft Pure Cotton Muslin Blankets – 4 Pack of Breathable Swaddle Blankets – Unisex Baby Swaddle Blanket Set in Grey/White Designs – Multi Use Muslin Blankets – 47 x 47 inches

Preheat the Bed

You can use an electric blanket to warm the bed about 20 to 30 minus before you put the baby to sleep. However, under no circumstances should your baby sleep on an electric blanket. These types of blankets carry the same burn risks as hot water bottles.

Caps and Mittens

Since babies lose the most heat through their heads and hands, the best suggestion here is to get a lightweight cap and a set of mittens. This will provide your little one with the added warmth they need to keep them warm during the night.

Final Thoughts

It’s official. A warm and comfortable baby is a happy baby. And, when a baby is happy, they’ll sleep and be less grouchy. A hot water bottle or one of the alternative ideas I’ve mentioned is a great way to warm your baby’s cot before bedtime.

If your baby suffers from colic, gas, or bouts of constipation a warm water bottle is an excellent way to alleviate some of these symptoms. By following the basic safety tips offered in this article, your baby will be warm and cozy for a good night’s sleep!

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