Why Are Baby Bottles SO Expensive? (vs Cheap Ones)

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Why are baby bottles so expensive? Are companies just putting prices up on bottles because there’s a massive market for them? Or is there a good reason why the prices are so high? I was wondering the same thing when I became a dad. In this article, I share all the information I found out. 

Key takeaways

  • Bottles are expensive because of the materials they’re made from
  • Glass bottles are more expensive compared to plastic ones
  • The most expensive baby bottle is from a brand called Suommo
  • Dr Brown and Comotomo bottles are also expensive 
  • The most affordable bottles are NUK and Tommee Tippee 
  • Cheap baby bottles can leak and are made with flimsy material
  • Expensive bottles come with extra features like venting systems
  • Choose baby bottles that are safe for your baby 
  • Medela bottles are affordable but don’t compromise on quality 

Why are baby bottles so expensive? 

Baby bottles come with more than just a teat and measuring units on the sides these days. More expensive bottles have extra features such as anti-colic vents and more natural-feeling nipples. Here are other reasons why these bottles have become so pricey. 

Materials they’re made from 

Baby bottles can be expensive depending on the materials they’re made from. Different types of plastic are used to make baby bottles such as BPA-free and phthalates-free choices which are food-grade items. 

Your baby bottles should not have any trace of BPA in the plastic because these chemicals can cause nerve or behavioral problems

The Process of Making Bottles 

Another reason why baby bottles could be expensive is because of the way they’re made. It costs a lot of money to run heavy machinery that makes these types of bottles. Additionally, the process is quite complex especially if you’re adding extra features like vents. 

Take a look at this video that shows how glass bottles are made, which is a similar process as to what they use for producing glass baby bottles. 

Silicone coating 

Some types of baby milk bottles require a silicone coating which could also increase the price of the item. For example, Tommee Tippee’s Closure to Nature range has an anti-static silicone coating to repel dust and particles. It also prevents stains and odors from forming in the bottle.

Transferring of special images onto the bottle

Brands also like to transfer images onto baby bottles such as clouds, bears, or small cartoon characters. This process also takes time and can increase the price of some bottles.   

Are glass bottles more expensive than plastic ones?

Yes, glass baby bottles are more expensive compared to plastic ones. Raw materials such as limestone, soda ash, and even sand are more expensive compared to the materials used to make plastic bottles. 

What is the most expensive baby bottle brand?

The most expensive baby bottle brand is Suommo – a company that makes luxury items for babies. This brand has made a bottle from gold and diamonds that cost a whopping $272,000. The company makes small 25ml bottles with the largest being 200ml.

World’s most expensive baby bottles by Suommo

On the other hand, parents who can’t afford such luxury items for their baby also have to deal with high prices from other well-known brands such as Dr Brown and Comotomo. These seem to be the most expensive brands because they’re the best. 

Are there affordable bottles that you can get?

There are affordable bottles that you can buy for your baby. The NUK brand seems to be the most popular choice for parents who want affordable products without compromising on quality. Tommee Tippee also makes relatively inexpensive bottles. 

Both NUK and Tommee Tippee make bottles in different sizes so you can get the size you need for newborns or 3-month-olds. Tommee Tippee seems to be the better option because the company makes bottles for colic babies. 

Cheap baby bottles vs expensive 

Cheap Bottles 

You can get cheap baby bottles for around $4 per bottle. What’s more, you can also get disposable bottles that are quite affordable and they are around $5 per bottle. However, with some cheaper bottle brands, you won’t get high-quality products. 

The plastic may be flimsy or stain easily if the bottles are cheaply made. They also won’t come with extra features. These types of bottles may also be susceptible to leaking. If your baby has colic, cheaper bottles may make it worse.

Expensive bottles 

On the other hand, more expensive bottles are made with premium materials. These bottles may be stain-resistant and have extra features such as venting systems. You can also get glass bottles that are slightly more pricey but will be BPA-free and they’re easier to clean. 

Another advantage of expensive bottles is that they’re made from durable materials so they won’t crack or break. 

How to choose the best baby bottles 

The baby bottle you choose to feed your little one should have the following features:

  • BPA-free material 
  • Leak proof lid
  • Natural feel nipple 
  • Anti-colic system 
  • Measuring units on the side 
  • A cap for the top 
  • Stain proof material 

You want to buy more than one bottle so you can rotate when feeding your baby. Choose a brand that makes bottles in various sizes. You also want bottles that can withstand high temperatures so you can sterilize them in the microwave or a bottle sterilizer. 


Now you can see why bottles are so expensive. It takes time for companies to perfect their bottles so that you’re guaranteed products that are safe for your baby. If you’re looking for an affordable bottle that doesn’t compromise on quality you may like the Medela range. This brand makes BPA-free baby bottles.

Consider also getting glass baby bottles because they’re easier to clean. You can clean glass bottles with baking soda. The important thing is that you get bottles that are durable, and comfortable for your baby to drink from.

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