Baby’s Brew vs Munchkin Bottle Warmer – A Complete Comparison

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Are you looking for a complete comparison of Baby’s Brew vs Munchkin bottle warmers? To assist you I’ve taken a look at each feature of these bottle warmers so you can see which one might be the best choice for you. Continue reading to find out if all bottle brands fit in both warmers and the extras they may come with.

Baby’s Brew vs Munchkin Bottle Warmer comparison table

FeaturesBaby’s Brew Bottle WarmerMunchkin Bottle Warmer
Time 3 minutes 2 minutes 
Safety BPA-free, safe heating, and leakproof Leak proof, lift out basket, light indicators 
Power source Battery powered Electrical  
Battery life 8 to 12 hours N/A
Temperature control4 settings 1 setting 
Portability Portable cordless deviceNot portable – Corded device
Adapters 5 adapters 1 adapter and O ring 
Capacity 4 ounces 8 ounces 

The time it takes to warm bottles 

The Baby’s Brew bottle warmer can heat baby formula within 3 minutes without destroying the nutrients inside the milk. However, if you want to heat up your bottles faster, the Munchkin bottle warmer can do it in 2 minutes

Safety features

Baby’s Brew makes their bottle adapters with BPA-free materials. It also uses safe heating technology that is said to preserve the nutrients in the milk. This warmer is also leakproof so there won’t be any spills from your bottle. 

On the other hand, the Munchkin Digital bottle warmer is designed with a lift basket so you can safely remove your bottle from the device. It’s also leakproof and has a light indicator to tell you how hot the bottle is. The bottle warmer will automatically shut off when it’s done warming the bottle.   

Power source 

Baby’s Brew bottle warmer is a cordless device. This means you don’t need an outlet to power up the appliance. Simply make sure that the device is fully charged if you’re traveling with it. Munchkin’s bottle warmer is an electrical device so you must plug it in to use it.  

Battery life 

The Baby’s Brew bottle warmer battery has 8 to 12 hours of life. You can warm up to 8 bottles before the battery completely dies. Munchkin’s digital bottle warmer is a corded device so it doesn’t need to be charged, you can simply plug it in whenever you need to use it. 

Temperature controls 

What you may enjoy about the Baby’s Brew bottle warmer is that it has 4 temperature control settings: 80℉, 98℉, 103℉ or 110℉ which ensures you can heat your bottles at the right temperature every time. 

The Munchkin baby bottle warmer only has 1 temperature setting of 98℉ which is the standard temperature when heating a bottle according to the Baby’s Brew brand.   


Since the Munchkin bottle warmer is a corded device it’s not a portable warmer. But you can take it with you to any place where there is a power outlet. If you want to go camping or spend most days outdoors with your little one, then the Baby’s Brew is ideal because it’s fully portable and easy to use when you’re on the go. 


Both the Munchkin and Baby’s Brew bottle warmers can fit multiple bottle brands. But if you find that your particular brand of bottle doesn’t fit, then Baby’s Brew has 4 adapters you can use which are sold separately. Munchkin has 1 adapter and an O ring but can fit most bottle brands like Tommee Tippee and Dr Brown


One of the biggest differences between Munchkin and Baby’s Brew bottle warmers is that they both have different capacities. Baby’s Brew is smaller and can only fit 4-ounce bottles on the go. Use the adapters if you want to fit wide or narrow-neck bottles. Munchkin is a larger device that can fit any 8-ounce bottle size

More about Baby’s Brew bottle warmer 

Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro - Milk Warmers for Breastmilk or Formula, Leak-Proof Design, Travel-Friendly, Cordless, Battery-Powered, 8-12 Hour Battery Life, Warmer Only

The Baby’s Brew bottle warmer is a small device that can fit into any backpack. It also doesn’t take up a lot of counter space in your kitchen. There is a digital display on the front of the warmer that tells you the temperature of the bottle. It comes with a short cord so you can charge your warmer whenever the battery runs low. 


  • Easy to operate 
  • Long battery life 
  • Fits most bottle brands 
  • Doesn’t leak 
  • Can fit easily into a small bag 


  • Adapters are sold separately

More About Munchkin Bottle Warmer

Munchkin® Digital™ Bottle Warmer, White

The Munchkin bottle warmer is slightly bigger than the Baby’s Brew device and can warm larger bottles. There is a handle on the side of the lift basket so you can remove bottles from the device easily. One fill of the water reservoir lasts for several heating sessions. You can also choose how long you want to warm the bottle by pressing the up or down keys on the display.


  • Warms bottles faster 
  • You can use it to warm jars and other containers 
  • It has an auto shut-off feature for extra safety 
  • Fits most popular bottle brands 


  • Not portable 
  • The cord is could be longer 

Do all bottles fit in the Baby’s Brew bottle warmer? 

You may not be able to fit all your bottles into the Baby’s Brew bottle warmer. The brand does offer four adapters that are sold separately so you can fit most wide-neck bottles like Avent, Spectra, and Minbie. 

Take a look at this YouTube video to find out how to use the Baby’s Brew bottle warmer no matter where you are: 

Do all bottles fit in the Munchkin bottle warmer? 

Not all bottles may fit the Munchkin bottle warmer but the brand does mention it fits most popular brands. You may find that it can fit MAM, Comotomo, and Dr Brown bottles. The reason this warmer can fit most bottles is because it has a wide capacity.    

Which bottle warmer should you choose?

Both the Munchkin and Baby’s Brew bottle warmers are safe and convenient products. However, if you’re looking for a portable warmer for 4-ounce bottles then Baby’s Brew will be the ideal product for your needs. 

On the other hand, if you’re not traveling with your baby often and you simply need a countertop device, Munchkin is the better option. It can fit 8-ounce bottles with ease. You can also get both devices if you want to use one at home and the other when you’re traveling.  


Bottle warmers are convenient devices when you want to quickly heat your baby’s formula. These bottle warmers are faster than using hot kettle water or a microwave. You also get portable ones like the Baby’s Brew device which is ideal if you travel often with your baby. 

Check whether your bottle warmer is compatible with MAM, Dr Brown, or other popular brands. Or choose a larger capacity bottle warmer like the Munchkin Digital warmer that fits most brands without needing an adapter. 

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