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In need of the best bottle warmer for twins and triplets, so your multiples? I’m voting the Grownsy 6-in-1 Bottle Warmer as my best pick. It’s more than just a warmer. It’s a versatile and reliable machine that also sterilizes, defrosts, and heats up food for your little ones. How impressive is that?

Raising twins or triplets forces you to look for more efficient ways of parenting. I know it because my sister has one-year-old twins and they live 10 mins away from me so I see them often. Thankfully you can count on baby products’ manufacturers to come to the rescue. Heating up your babies’ milk doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming anymore.

I explain the different types of bottle warmers. I’ll also talk about how to test the milk after warming it up to get the correct temperature. At the end of this article, you’ll know all there’s to know about picking the best bottle warmer for your munchkins so you’ll just need to make a decision. 🙂

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What You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Baby Bottle Warmer for Twins and Triplets

Raising one child is taxing enough. Now imagine two or three bundles of joys! Yes, there’s a lot of love and laughter to go around, but it also means there’s a lot of work to be done. You need to keep all tummies full and happy. That means giving your kiddies their milk on-demand at just the right temperature.

A single bottle warmer can do the job. It’ll mean purchasing more than one when you have twins or triplets. If you decide to go that route read my article about bottle warmers for the Comotomo bottles. I’ve mentioned bottle warmers such as the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer and Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer which will warm up bottles in no time at all. And they don’t have to only be Comotomo bottles!

But parents may find a warmer that can heat up more than one bottle at the same time and FAST more convenient. To purchase the best double bottle warmer or best bottle warmer for triplets, it means a lot of time and research has to go towards the decision-making process. You need a unit that’s reliable, durable and safe. If it’s affordable that’s a big plus!

For first-time parents, this process can be a tad overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. This is precisely why I’ve put together this buyer’s guide.

What are the Different Types of Bottle Warmers?

There are basically two types of bottle warmers you can pick from. Their differences are largely based on the heating method as well as the duration of the entire process. I’ll differentiate them below:

  • Steam-based: As the name implies, these bottle warmers use steam to heat up your baby’s milk. You simply immerse the bottle in the unit and it uses steam to do the rest. This type of warmer allows for fast heating if you’re really pressed for time. However, because the milk heats up pretty quickly, you’ll need to be extra careful with this type of warmer and keep a close eye on the heating process.
  • Hot water: This type of bottle warmer uses water to heat up your kiddies’ milk. The heating process is slightly slower when compared to using the steam-based warmer. But you can expect evenly heated milk with zero hot spots if you go for this option. And that’s precisely why I highly recommend this type of bottle warmer. Besides, the difference in the heating process turnaround time is roughly a minute or two. But ultimately the type you go for is entirely up to you.

How to Test for Warmed Milk in a Bottle Warmer

Whichever warmer you buy, it’s extremely important to test the milk’s temperature before feeding your child. Experts say the ideal milk temperature should be approximately 98.6 F but that’s more of a guideline. Rather than heading out to buy the best thermometer money can buy to test the temperature, rather use the “wrist method”. It’s much safer and has proven to be effective for years. I’m certain your babies’ grandparents swear by it!

You simply take the bottle and sprinkle a couple of drops on the most sensitive part of your arm. And that would be the inside of your wrist. The milk should neither be hot or cold. It should feel warm. If it’s too warm then warm it up a little more. And if it’s too hot, leave it to cool off for a few minutes.

Whatever you do, avoid the following at ALL costs:

  • Using a thermometer. Dipping foreign bodies into your child’s milk is never a wise move. Imagine the germs you may introduce.
  • Testing the milk temperature by dipping your finger inside your baby’s bottle because your hands are full of bacteria. (But you should always wash your hands before handling your baby’s milk anyway).
  • Tasting your baby’s milk by taking a swig. That’s downright unhygienic and you won’t be able to gauge if it’s too hot for your babies.

Why do I Need a Bottle Warmer for My Twins or Triplets?

So, are you wondering if you really need a bottle warmer? Maybe you’re more of a conventionalist when it comes to your parenting style and would rather stick to the old-fashioned ways of heating your baby’s milk. That’s absolutely your decision and right if you prefer to heat up your baby’s milk by running the bottle under hot water or boiling the water first on the stove then immersing the bottle.

But I’d highly recommend a bottle warmer, especially if you’re handling more than one crying baby. The following reasons support my recommendation:

  • Bottle warmers are much easier to use, not to mention convenient. Go over the operating instructions and you’ll be handling the machine like a pro in no time.
  • They’re a much quicker way of heating milk. When you have two (or three) wailing babies on your hands, time ceases to be a luxury, and every second count. Bottle warmers allow you to get the milk ready in record time.
  • Bottle warmers are designed to heat your baby’s milk at the required temperature (or at least close to it). With other methods, the milk can end up becoming too hot or too cold. As a result, you have to either reheat it or leave it to cool off. Both actions are time-consuming and I know your little ones won’t be impressed.

How to go About Picking the Best Bottle Warmer for Twins and Triplets

Now let’s get down to picking the best bottle warmer for your kiddos. It’s not as simple as picking the first double bottle warmer you come across. There are a few important considerations you need to be cognizant of in order to get the best buy. Because believe it or not, they aren’t all the same.

While all bottle warmers are designed to warm up your baby’s milk, different brands come with different features. Some are worth paying the extra dollars for and some are simply a waste of money because chances are you’ll never get to use them. As such, it’s wise to conduct a mini-research before committing to a purchase. Look out for the following factors and features.

  • Materials: What materials are used to make the unit? Remember your child’s safety is at stake here. You want to pick a warmer made of non-toxic materials and one that doesn’t compromise the milk’s nutrients when heated up. Also, the unit’s material to a large extent determines its durability. Pick one made of sturdy material and designed to last long. All products listed here are made using non-toxic materials.
  • Ease of use: The reason why some parents would rather stick to the old-fashioned ways of heating milk is to escape the headache that comes with some of these new-age baby products. If that’s your concern, that can easily be solved by opting for a user-friendly device that doesn’t present a huge learning curve. Check the machine doesn’t have complicated operating procedures, tiny buttons, or needs you to measure your baby’s milk right down to the last drop. Such a machine will frustrate you very quickly.
  • Multi-purpose: Yes, you want a device designed to warm up your baby’s milk. But that doesn’t mean that’s all you should settle for when it comes to the unit’s function. Why not get value for your money by picking a versatile unit that does more than just heating up milk? Some warmers are designed to defrost milk after spending a night in the freezer. Watch the video below to show you how this is done. The Grownsy 6-in-1 Bottle Warmer and EIVOTOR 6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer and Ecomum Baby Bottle Warmer have six functions, the TBI 5-in-1 Fast Bottle Warmer has five, and the MOSFiATA Bottle Warmer has seven.
  • Heating time: How fast does the unit heat up your baby’s milk? From my experience, I’ve come to realize a hungry baby isn’t the most patient human on earth. I don’t even want to imagine two! It’s in your best interest to pick a unit that warms the milk quickly. If you have to wait for more than 10 minutes, then your warmer is doing you a great disservice. The Grownsy 6-in-1 Bottle Warmer takes between three and seven minutes, the TBI 5-in-1 Fast Bottle Warmer takes five minutes for a 4oz bottle, the Ecomum Baby Bottle Warmer takes four minutes for a 240ml bottle and the MOSFiATA Bottle Warmer takes between six and eight minutes.
  • Even heating: Fast heating time is well and good. But make sure you pick a warmer designed for uniform temperature distribution to prevent cold or hot spots. The latter can scald your baby’s delicate mouth.
  • Size: How wide is the warmer’s chamber? Can it accommodate different bottles and food jars of different shapes and sizes? An adaptable baby warmer is extremely convenient. Along with the size of the unit’s chambers, consider its overall size. A compact and portable warmer will come in handy if you’re looking for a travel unit you can pack up quickly and doesn’t take up half the space in the diaper bag. All the units are relatively compact but the TBI 5-in-1 Fast Bottle Warmer is the most portable.
  • Weight: Along with size, you must check the weight of the unit. A lightweight unit is also ideal for traveling. You don’t want to have to lug around a heavy unit everywhere you go.
  • Maintenance: Babies have extremely sensitive tummies. Sometimes ingesting the smallest amount of dirt can have you queuing with your precious bundle of joy at the E.R. That’s why you need to pick a warmer that’s super easy to clean. Besides, I’m certain parents to twins don’t have much time to dedicate to endless scrubbing of bottle warmers. The EIVOTOR 6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer comes with sanitizing tools.
  • Features: Extra features can raise the price of the product. But certain features are worth paying for such as a nightlight and the ability to keep the milk warmer for longer.

Best Overall – Grownsy 6-in-1 Bottle Warmer

Baby Bottle Warmer, Gronwsy 8-in-1 Fast Milk Warmer with Timer Breastmilk or Formula, Fits 2 Bottles, Accurate Temperature Control, with Defrost, Sterili-zing, Keep, Heat Baby Food Jars Function

I’ll kick off my list with this multipurpose bottle warmer that allows you to warm up, sterilize and defrost your baby’s milk. Three to seven minutes is all you’ll need to get your baby’s milk and food ready. When the milk or food is ready, it automatically shuts off to avoid unnecessary power consumption.

For your baby’s safety concerns, the bottle warmer is made using food-grade safe materials free from harmful substances.

Who it’s For

Ideal for parents looking for an easy-to-use bottle warmer.

Why You Should Consider It

First, it’s the most purchased bottle warmer by visitors who read this article. And there are good reasons for it.

You’ll probably like how the unit uses water insulation to heat up your baby’s food which is certainly healthier than using a microwave. It’s designed to keep your baby’s food warm for at least 24 hours.

The machine can accommodate different types of bottles and food jars. And you can warm up your baby’s milk and food at the same time. You’ll like that it’s very easy to use. One hand is all you need if you have to carry your child with the other.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 0.4”
  • Weight: 2.05lb
  • Extra features: Luminous display screen,


  • Doesn’t use up too much power
  • Heats up milk fast
  • Easy to use when you get the hang of it


  • Some may find user instructions confusing
  • Slightly pricey
  • Temperatures not consistent after some time

Best Value – TBI 5-in-1 Fast Bottle Warmer

No products found.

I’ve voted this 5-in-1 bottle warmer as my best value pick. It’s a versatile product designed to warm and defrost breast milk, heat formula or baby food and sterilize the bottles. The unit can hold two full-sized baby bottles. And you can heat up bottles made of either glass or plastic.

Who it’s For

The unit is ideal for parents traveling with their twins or triplets..

Why You Should Consider It

You’ll like how the sterilizing function is designed to destroy 99.9% of germs from your baby’s bottles. You can also use the unit to sterilize other baby items including pacifiers and teethers. Still, on the subject of safety, the product is made using BPA-free materials.

The device is very easy to use. Simply make use of the LED touchscreen controls. And the unit also automatically shuts off when the heating process is done. The overall heating time differs depending on the size and material of the milk bottle or jar. But on average, a 4oz milk bottle made of plastic takes five minutes to heat up.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.4 x 6.8”
  • Weight:1.85lb
  • Extra features: Measuring cup


  • Easy to use
  • Temperature comes programmed
  • Compact


  • Doesn’t produce a sound when it reaches the desired temperature
  • No auto shut off function
  • Water may take long to heat up

Budget Pick – EIVOTOR 6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

EIVOTOR 6 in 1 Baby Bottle Warmer, Double Bottle Steam Sterilizer Food Heater for Evenly Warm Breast Milk or Formula, LED Panel Control Real-time Display, BPA Free

Next up I have this affordable multipurpose bottle warmer that’ll warm up both your baby’s milk and food. The unit is designed to heat up milk evenly without leaving hot spots and compromising the nutritional value of your baby’s milk. It’s made using safe materials so you won’t need to worry about your baby ingesting toxic chemicals.

Who it’s For

Ideal for parents looking for a bottle warmer that’s affordable.

Why You Should Consider It

The unit heats up milk in just a few minutes. You have the ability to program your desired temperature according to your baby’s preferences. Once the milk is warm, the warmer automatically shuts off. And the warmed milk is kept warm for up to 24 hours.

You’ll like that the bottle is compatible with different milk bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 9 x 8.7 x 6.8”
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Extra Features: Timer, LED display


  • Easy to use
  • Warms milk quickly (3 minutes)
  • Comes with brushes for cleaning


  • Starts leaking at the bottom after a few months
  • Directions for use may be unclear

Best Warranty – Ecomum Baby Bottle Warmer

No products found.

For a reasonable price tag, you can score yourself this 6-in-1 bottle warmer that warms milk, warms formula, heats food, defrosts, sterilizes, and heats fast. The double bottle warmer can heat up two bottles of milk simultaneously. And heating time is approximately four minutes depending on settings. Your babies will be having their meal in no time.

Who it’s For

Ideal for parents who want a warmer that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why You Should Consider It

The unit can sterilize your baby’s bottle by killing 99.9% of germs. You’ll appreciate how it comes with a preset temperature. Although you can adjust the settings depending on your baby’s preferences.

In case you have to step away from the unit, it’ll keep your baby’s milk at a constant temperature for 24 hours to avoid reheating and nutrition loss. And the bottle warmer is made of non-toxic materials for your baby’s safety.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.2 x 7.3”
  • Weight: 2.74lb
  • Extra features: LCD Display


  • Keeps heated milk at a constant temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Lid doesn’t close completely if you use 8oz bottles
  • Cable doesn’t detach from unit so you need to clean with cable attached

Best for Triplets – MOSFiATA Bottle Warmer

No products found.

I’ll round up my recommendations with this 7-in-1 bottle warmer designed to warm your baby’s milk and food. It’s made using environmentally friendly materials free from toxic substances.

It’ll take between six and eight minutes to warm up your baby’s milk or food depending on your preferred settings. When the milk is ready, the unit automatically powers off.

Who it’s For

The unit is perfect for parents with triplets.

Why You Should Consider It

Despite how sophisticated the gadget looks, it’s designed for simple operation. Make sure you read the instruction manual carefully. And what’s unique about this product is that it’s a large capacity unit that can accommodate up to four bottles at the same time.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 9.17 X 9.17 X 9.17”
  • Weight: 2.09
  • Extra features: LED display screen, timer


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Warms up milk and food fast
  • Sleek appearance


  • Pricy
  • Some may find it difficult to use


What are the different ways to warm your baby’s milk?

As I mentioned earlier, you can use the stove-top method. Here you boil water on the stove. And immerse the bottle of milk inside the hot water. Or, you can run the bottle of milk under the kitchen tap using hot or warm water. I do feel the best method though is to use a bottle warmer.

Can I warm my baby’s milk in a microwave?

Using a microwave to heat up your baby’s milk isn’t recommended. Why? Microwaves don’t heat milk evenly resulting in hotspots that can potentially scald your baby.

Final Thoughts

Technology has changed the way we do parenting. Most times it makes our lives simpler and I’d advise you to run with it. Keeping your babies happy and their tummies full isn’t a task to be taken lightly. Conventional methods can take up too much time and not give you the desired results right away. That’s a risk you can’t afford to take especially if you’re dealing with two or more screaming babies.

Pick the best bottle warmer for twins and you never have to worry about these problems. The Grownsy 6-in-1 Bottle Warmer is the product you need to get the job done. It’s versatile, reliable, and safe. And it comes with a reasonable price tag. Are you willing to give it a try?

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