Baby Shower Games with Baby Bottle – 7 Exciting Activities

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As a baby shower host, you’re expected to come up with some fun (and hilarious!) games. I found seven exciting baby shower games with baby bottles that’ll keep the party guests entertained for hours!

There are hundreds of baby shower games to pick from with some of the most popular ones being “Who Knows Mommy Best?” and “Are You That Baby?.” Having a baby bottle theme means playing games such as “Bottle Chugging”, “Bottle Toss”, and “Bottle Bowling” to keep the party rolling!  

Key takeaways

  • Knowing how to drink out of a baby bottle fast will win you the bottle chugging game!
  • Jumbo-sized baby bottles are great for activities such as “Bottle bowling”, “Suck it up”, or “Pass the bottle.”
  • Buying baby bottles in bulk will save you money when hosting baby shower games.

1. Bottle Chugging 


  • Milk, fruit juice, or water
  • 1 baby bottle per participant

How to play

This is an easy activity but make sure you follow the bottle chug baby shower game rules! Each guest is given a full bottle and must stand in a line. On the word, “GO”, start sucking the baby bottle through the teat without removing the lid. The first one to empty their bottle is the winner!

Watch this video demonstrating how to play the bottle chug game!

2. Baby bottle bowling 


  • 10 x baby bottles
  • Paper and pen (for the scorecard)
  • Tennis ball

How to play

You need a wide, open space to play this game. Arrange the 10 baby bottles similar to bowling pins with one in the front, followed by two in the next row, and so on. Make two teams and give each participant a chance to knock down the baby bottles. The highest scorer wins a prize.  

3. Pass the bottle


  • 1 baby bottle per team

How to play

Form two or more lines depending on the number of teams. Give the first player in each row a baby bottle however, they can’t use their hands to hold or pass the bottle! On the word, “GO” pass the bottle from one team member to another without using your hands. If the bottle is dropped it must go back to the front and start again. 

The first team to get the baby bottle to the end of the line wins!

4. Bottle Toss 


  • Several ring tops from baby bottles
  • Poster board and marker pen

How to play

Draw a dartboard on the poster board with the bull’s eye in the center. Lay the poster board on the floor and ask the guests to try and land their bottle ring on the bull’s eye. Score each hit and after several rounds, declare a winner. 

5. Spin the baby bottle 


  • 1 small baby bottle
  • Printable spin the bottle game sheet (free colorful templates can be found online) 

A quick tip! You can make your own activity sheet by drawing a wheel and dividing it into sections with different tasks allocated to each one. 

How to play

The “Spin the Bottle” wheel is divided into eight or ten sections with each one describing a task such as “Sing a lullaby” or “Name five baby names.”  Place the game sheet on top of a table with the participants seated around it. Put the baby bottle in the center of the wheel. Each guest gets a turn to spin the bottle and complete the task it points to.  

6. Suck it up 


  • Baby bottles and bulb syringes (one of each per team)
  • Mini marshmallows

How to play

Divide your guests into teams with four to five players in each group. Each team has a baby bottle, a bulb syringe, and a pile of mini marshmallows. Set a timer to two or three minutes. Start the game with each team member taking turns sucking up a marshmallow with the bulb syringe and dropping it into the bottle placed a few meters away from them. 

Stop the game when the time is up and count how many marshmallows are in each bottle. The team with the most marshmallows in the baby bottle wins the prize!

7. Guess how many jelly beans


  • Small baby bottles
  • Jelly beans, cotton balls, or diaper safety pins

This baby shower candy guessing game is an attractive kit that includes scoring cards and large baby bottles. 

Baby Shower Candy Guessing Game with 30 Cards and 11' Large Baby Bottle Bank - Baby Shower Prizes for Game Winners - by Shower Games & Co. (Original, Blue Bottle)

How to play

Fill up the baby bottles with jelly beans, candies, cotton balls, or diaper safety pins. Divide the guests into smaller groups and ask them to guess how many items are in the baby bottle. 

🍼Big baby bottles for baby shower game

Giant-sized baby bottles are a fun way to incorporate the theme and work well for “Suck it Up” and “Bottle Bowling” activities. These Tesco 13-inch Big Baby Bottles for baby shower activities can also be used as decorations

Cheap baby bottles for baby shower game

If you’re looking for cheaper baby bottles, consider buying in bulk to reduce the price. 

Look out for used bottles for sale as a cost-effective option.


You can wash second hand plastic baby bottles with Fairy liquid to ensure their squeaky clean before using them for baby shower games. 😀

Have fun!

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