Can I Wash Baby Bottles With Fairy Liquid? Better Alternatives to Use?

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Fairy dishwashing liquid is a popular brand for cleaning dirty dishes and glasses. It’s economical, gentle, and strong for removing grease and grime. But, along with other parents, I often wonder if I can wash baby bottles with Fairy liquid? 

Fairy Liquid is a household brand that’s been around since the 1950s. It comes in different variants and chemicals with one type being fragrant-free. A little goes a long way, making it economical and leaving baby bottles squeaky clean! It’s gentle enough for plastic bottles too!

Key takeaways

  • Fairy liquid is safe to use when washing baby bottles as long as you rinse them well after being cleaned.
  • Using my step-by-step guide will ensure your baby bottles are hygienically cleaned when using Fairy liquid.
  • There are better alternatives to Fairy liquid if you’re looking for dish soap products specifically formulated to clean baby bottles and you’ll find them listed in this article.  

Is it safe to use Fairy liquid to wash baby bottles?

Fairy washing-up liquid is safe to use for cleaning baby bottles as long as you rinse them thoroughly after each wash.

Factors to consider when looking for a good dishwashing liquid for baby bottles

Gentle cleaning agents

The dishwashing liquid shouldn’t contain harsh or abrasive cleaning agents as this will scratch the baby bottle. Harsh cleaning chemicals also cause plastic baby bottles to deteriorate faster.

No soapy residue

Dishwashing liquid that produces too much soapy suds can be difficult to rinse from baby bottles. This will result in the bottles smelling soapy as well as tainting the milk flavor and quality which isn’t desirable for your baby!

Reduced or no fragrances

Strong smells cling to plastic baby bottles which can put your little one off when drinking from them. Avoid dishwashing liquids that have extra-strong fragrances. 

Available from Fairy Liquid

It is available in natural scents or you can purchase the fragrant-free product which has no perfume or dyes. Here’s the original version available in Walmart.

How to wash baby bottles using fairy liquid

Washing baby bottles using Fairy liquid is simple. Knowing how to clean and sanitize infant bottles is vital for germ-free feeding!

Take bottles apart 

Before washing the baby bottles, they need to be taken apart completely. This includes removing the venting system if you’re using an anti-colic bottle. Rinse all the parts under warm running water to remove milk residue. 

Pour hot water into the sink or bucket 

Pour hot water into the kitchen sink or a bucket used specifically for washing baby bottles. You don’t need to use boiling water to wash baby bottles – lukewarm is sufficient. 

Add a drop of fairy liquid to the water 

The benefit of using Fairy liquid is that you only need to use a small amount for each wash. Squeeze a drop of Fairy liquid into the water and give it a swirl with your hands to stir up the suds. 

Place bottles into the water 

Place the bottles and parts into the water and make sure they’re fully submerged to get the full benefit of a good clean. Use your hands to wash the bottles and parts thoroughly. As Fairy liquid is gentle on sensitive skin, you don’t need to wear kitchen gloves. 

Scrub bottles using a bottle brush 

Using a bottle brush will ensure every nook and cranny of the bottles is properly clean. Gently scrubbing with a bottle brush will remove stubborn milk residue. Make sure you use a bottle brush that has soft bristles so it doesn’t scratch the surface of the bottle. 

Use cold water to rinse 

Once the bottles and parts have been cleaned, rinse them under lukewarm or cold running water to remove excess soap. This stage ensures there are no suds left in the bottles and helps to remove soapy smells as well. 

Place bottles on a drying rack 

Place the bottles and parts on a drying rack to air-dry. Avoid using a towel to dry them as you could transfer germs to the bottles and parts. If necessary, you can use paper towels to dry baby bottles if you need them in a rush. 

Fairy Liquid alternatives for cleaning baby bottles 

There are Fairy Liquid alternatives for cleaning baby bottles and I’ve researched them for you! 

NUK for baby bottles

NUK Baby Bottle Cleaner is gentle and can be used for bottles, teats, pacifiers, and breast pump parts too. It’s fragrant-free and contains no colorants. It’s highly effective for removing milk, puree, and juice residue. NUK baby bottle cleaner is easy to rinse and it’s environmentally friendly too with its biodegradable components. 

Dawn dish soap

Dawn dish soap is another mild liquid for cleaning dirty dishes and is safe to use with baby bottles too. It leaves no soapy residue or unpleasant odors as long as the bottles have been rinsed well after a wash. Using the gentler formula ensures your baby bottles are cleaned thoroughly without any damage to them. 

Watch this video which demonstrates how to hand-wash baby bottles.


Babyganics foaming dish and bottle soap is made with plant-derived cleaning agents. Its instant foaming action makes it easy to remove grease and gunk from baby bottles without leaving a milky or soapy residue. You can use it on breast pump parts too and it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

Dapple baby dish and bottle soap

Dapple is a plant-based cleaning liquid for dishes and baby bottles. The specially formulated Dapple soap is fragrance-free and strong enough to remove carbohydrate, fat, and protein residue commonly found in baby bottles. It’s hypoallergenic too and contains no harsh chemicals, keeping both bottles and sensitive skin safe. 


If you’re looking for cost-effective dish soap for handwashing baby bottles, Fairy liquid is a great solution. It’s safe, gentle on both bottles and sensitive skin and easy to rinse after a wash. You can rest assured your baby bottles are hygienic when using Fairy liquid. 

However, if you’re looking for better alternatives that have been specifically formulated for baby products, my list of dish soaps gives a quick overview of the options. And if your bottles are very dirty, for example when they have mold or due to the formula that smells bad, you could even use bleach mixed with water.

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