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Parents who bottle feed their babies ask the question, if they can store powdered formula in a glass jar? You must store your baby’s formula the right way to prevent contamination and keep it fresher for longer. I explain how to store powdered formula the correct way in glass jars.

Key takeaways

  • You can store powdered baby formula in glass jars.
  • Storing baby formula is great if you want to prepare for bulk storage. 
  • You must clean and sterilize your jars before storing powdered baby formula. 
  • Store baby formula in a clean, dry, and dark area 
  • You can store powdered baby formula in mason jars or dark jars. 

Can you store powdered formula in a glass jar?

You can store powdered formula in a glass jar provided that the container is clean and free from mold or bacteria. Also, make sure you store your glass jars in the correct places. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises not to store powdered formula in the refrigerator.   

Why would you want to store powdered formula in a glass jar?

There are many reasons why parents would want to transfer powdered formula to a glass jar. But every parent’s reason may be different from the next person. Here are three reasons why I started storing powdered formula in glass jars. 

Bulk storage preparation

It can be difficult to make trips to the grocery store every time you need a can of powdered formula. Additionally, the store might not always have the brand you’re looking for. So one of the reasons I used glass jars is to store bulk amounts of baby formula. 

The glass jars are easy to stack depending on the shape and size of the jars. You can place them next to each other on a shelf and they’re easy to label. 

For safe storage

One of the most important things when storing baby formula is to store it in air-tight containers or in a safe area where there are no contaminants. Fortunately, some jars have rubber seals to create a vacuum seal for safe storage. Glass is also BPA-free and doesn’t release toxins into the formula.  

To prevent pest infestations 

You may have some annoying pest infestations in your house such as ants or weevils that can damage stored food. Storing your powdered formula in air-tight glass jars can prevent these pests from entering the container and destroying your baby’s food.  

How to prepare your glass jars for powdered formula

Before you pour your powdered baby formula into the glass jar, you must sterilize the jar first. You can use a bottle sterilizer (instead of a dishwasher) to remove contaminants from the jar or simply use steam. Follow this guide to assist you: 

  1. Wash the jar with warm soapy water.
  2. Rinse the jars thoroughly and then put them on a rack to dry
  3. Boil a pot of water and place your jars in the hot liquid. 
  4. Leave the jars to sterilize for at least 10 minutes. 
  5. Remove the jars from the pot with a clean towel.
  6. Leave them to air dry completely. 
  7. Once the jars are completely dry pour your powdered formula into them. 
  8. Store the jars of powdered formula in your pantry and use them when needed. 

Take a look at this YouTube video to see exactly how to sterilize glass jars:

Where should you store your glass jars of powdered formula?

  • In a cool place: You should never store jars of powdered formula near heat such as a stove or heater. Make sure the area has a low temperature preferably between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • In a dry environment: never store your baby formula in damp areas like under the kitchen sink or near windows. Moisture can damage the powdered formula. The storage area must be completely dry with no water leaks.  
  • It must not be exposed to sunlight: Powdered formula must be stored in a dark room or pantry. If there are windows you can cover them with thick dark curtains to prevent sun exposure.   


Can you store baby formula in a mason jar?

Yes, you can store powdered baby formula in a mason jar. Simply ensure the jar is clean and that it can be sealed tightly. 

Can a glass jar preserve baby formula longer? 

No, storing baby formula in a glass jar doesn’t make it last longer. You should write the expiration date on the bottom of your jars to ensure you use the formula before it goes bad. 

Must you store baby formula in a dark jar? 

You don’t have to store powdered formula in a dark jar but it may help if the jars are in an area where there is some type of sun exposure. Dark or amber jars can block UV rays


As you can see, storing powdered baby formula in glass jars is the safest storage option compared to other methods, such as using a Tupperware for baby formula storage. You should also check other important information such as when your baby’s formula expires. Find out where to donate baby formula if you no longer need it for your child. 

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