Can Adults Use Baby Bottles? & Why Would Anyone Do That?

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At first glance, asking if adults can use baby bottles seems like a weird question. There are two ways of looking at this question – one is for practical reasons and the other is for social fads or psychological issues. 

Adults can drink from baby bottles for a number of reasons including comfort, anxiety relief, special needs, and fear of choking. Big baby bottles for adults are recommended to safeguard oral health. Deep psychological issues could be another reason adults drink from baby bottles.

Key takeaways

  • Adults drink from baby bottles for several reasons such as alleviating anxiety, finding comfort, or for coping with disabilities.
  • Prejudice and misunderstanding can result in adults drinking from baby bottles being shamed for this unusual practice.
  • There are safer alternatives to using baby bottles as a comforter or stress relief. 

Can adults use baby bottles?

Yes, adults can use baby bottles but is it a weird trend or something altogether different.

Why do adults use baby bottles?

Helps with anxiety 

Some adults use a baby bottle to help them cope with anxiety and stress. Anxious adults use these infant items to calm them down so they can fall asleep – a baby bottle is simply an alternative to comfort blankets or stuffed toys

Using adult-sized bottles, pacifiers, and teething rings is best for bedtime routines to prevent teeth problems and other oral health issues.

It’s used as a form of comfort 

Restaurants have caught onto the baby bottle fad for adults and provide them as part of the menu. Some adults battling social anxiety may find comfort in drinking their favorite iced coffee or milkshake from a baby bottle. Adults use baby bottles as comfort objects similar to security blankets or teddy bears. 

Using the right sort of teat helps prevent teeth problems from prolonged use of baby bottles.  

Using it out of nostalgia

Adults facing trauma or other psychological issues may use a baby bottle to take them back to a time when they felt safe and secure as an infant. Nostalgia is a comforting emotion and using infant items is one way of triggering happy childhood memories. 

However, adults who become overly reliant on baby bottles to soothe them could run the risk of suppressing serious psychological issues. 

Baby bottles can be used for people with disabilities 

Adults with special needs often find it easier to drink from a baby bottle. However, it’s better to use adult-sized bottles and teats that are specifically designed for people with disabilities. Not only do you get the right quantity of fluids but the right-sized teat makes it easier to drink from the bottle. 

It’s important to keep the bottles clean and hygienic and not to share them with other people. And, find out if you can wash baby bottles with bleach before using this cleaning agent

Can be used for people who are afraid of choking 

Some people have a deep-seated fear of choking, otherwise known as pseudodysphagia. Anxiety and stress can cause this fear in adults whenever they eat and they often resort to a liquid diet to cope.  However, there’s the very real danger of becoming malnourished.

If this phobia is overtaking your life, it’s best to seek help from a professional who deals with mental health issues. 

Do adults get shamed for using baby bottles? 

A lot of adults do get shamed for using baby bottles which is why so many hide the practice from others. While it may be an unusual practice for adults to drink from baby bottles, questions asked on online forums show that it’s more common than expected. 

If you feel ashamed for drinking from a baby bottle ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I harming anyone else or myself? 
  • Am I battling a psychological issue that should be dealt with?

If the answers are no and you simply enjoy the comfort of drinking from baby bottles, go ahead. However, if self-evaluation shows otherwise, seeking therapy could help you cope better and find other means to support your mental health. 

Why adults drinking out of a bottle is seen as a bad thing

When are baby bottles bad for adults is the question some people ask especially when they have preconceived ideas associated with such behavior.: 

  • Fetishes: Outsiders may associate adults using baby items as props for fetishes and see it in a sexualized context. 
  • Immaturity: Some people immediately stamp the label of “immaturity” on adults who prefer to use baby bottles or pacifiers as comfort items or for stress relief. 
  • Mental disabilities: Unusual practices such as adults drinking from baby bottles can be seen as those people having mental health issues. While it could be one of the reasons, it’s not always the case. 

Alternative to using bottles for receiving comfort

If you’re concerned about how someone sees your need to use big baby bottles for adults as a means of comfort, consider using the following alternatives:

  • Cuddling a stuffed animal: Most people don’t find it strange for adults to have their favorite childhood stuffed animal as part of their bedtime routine. Up to 40% of adults still sleep with their teddy bear for security and anxiety relief.
  • Using comfort blankets: Adults often use a security or compassion blanket for mental and emotional well-being particularly when facing difficult times. 
  • Hugging a pillow: Adults often hug a pillow when feeling anxious, distressed, or for comfort when going to sleep. 

Watch this video which talks about why children AND adults love stuffed animals!


Drinking big baby bottles for adults isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They can provide comfort when you need it most. However, it’s important to take extra precautions when for example using used baby bottles for drinking from as adults. If you’re becoming overly reliant on baby bottles for mental health issues, consider seeking therapy or using safer, alternative comforting objects.

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