Best Baby Bottle for High Palate – How to Choose the Right One

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, the best baby bottle for a high palate is Dr. Brown’s Speciality Feeding System. Are you struggling to bottle-feed your baby with a high-arched palate and therefore you’re looking for baby bottles for a high palate? Babies with … Read more

Best Bottles for Baby with Low Muscle Tone [incl. Guide]

In my eyes the best bottle for a baby with low muscle tone is Pigeon Cleft Palate Nurser. Has your baby recently been diagnosed with low muscle tone, or Hypotonia as it is more commonly referred to? This can be frustrating for everyone involved as … Read more

Anti-Colic Bottles Pros and Cons – [COMPLETE Guide]

If your baby is battling with digestive issues such as colic, gas, or infant reflux, switching to anti-colic bottles is often the best solution. But what are the pros and cons of anti-colic bottles you need to be aware of before deciding to change from … Read more

Baby Shower Games with Baby Bottle – 7 Exciting Activities

As a baby shower host, you’re expected to come up with some fun (and hilarious!) games. I found seven exciting baby shower games with baby bottles that’ll keep the party guests entertained for hours! There are hundreds of baby shower games to pick from with … Read more

5 Best Bottles for Thickened Formula (& Ideal Nipples)

Have you recently started feeding your baby a thicker formula? If you’re using regular bottles, you might have noticed your baby seeming a little finicky. The reality is, your little one is most likely struggling to get the thicker formula through the normal-sized nipple. But … Read more

When to Stop using Dr. Brown Vent (Complete Guide)

Many parents with babies who suffer from colic have found Dr. Brown’s bottles effective in reducing feeding time fussiness. Dr. Brown bottles have been around since 1996 and their vent system ensures your little one doesn’t ingest too many air bubbles during feeding. But, as … Read more

Best Bottles for Tongue Tied Babies – Which One for Easier Feeding?

Finding the best bottles for tongue-tied, lip-tied babies requires doing some homework. Not all feeding bottles are designed to help babies with these special oral conditions. But, there are special bottles that can help with oral feeding challenges. This is why Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle … Read more

How (SURPRISINGLY) Long Do I Need to Use Anti Colic Bottles?

Anti-colic bottles are designed to reduce bubbles or air that’s swallowed when feeding a baby. It reduces gas bubbles in the stomach and even slows down food intake. These bottles have the potential to reduce colicky fussing or crying. But how long do you need … Read more

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