Latex vs Silicone Teat – Differences Do Matter!?

Wondering what the latex vs silicone teats comparison is? When it comes to baby feeding items you want to make sure that the product you choose is safe and comfortable for your child. So, I’ve explained the differences between these two bottle teats so you … Read more

Steam vs UV Bottle Sterilizers – Differences Matter?!

Are you looking for a comparison between steam vs UV bottle sterilizers so you can understand their differences? There are key features of each sterilizer and it’s important to know what they are so you know that they’re safe to use on your baby’s bottles. … Read more

Bottle Warmer vs Bottle Sterilizer – Do You REALLY Need Both?

One big struggle when comparing the bottle warmer vs bottle sterilizer options – do you really need either or both? I’m all for easy parenting so read on to find out about these two useful gadgets when bottle-feeding babies. Bottle warmers and sterilizers serve different … Read more

Bottle Warmer vs Microwave vs Hot Water (incl. Kettle)

Trying to compare using the bottle warmer vs microwave methods with the hot water solution? As parents, we were always on the lookout for the easiest, fastest, and safest options! Here’s a full comparison article to help you choose the most suitable one for you.  … Read more

Do You REALLY Need a Bottle Warmer? [incl. Pros & Cons]

Unsure if you need a bottle warmer? Here’s my article that explains the need for this accessory and how it makes taking care of babies easier and more convenient. Ultimately it boils down to TIME SAVING for you. While bottle warmers might not seem necessary … Read more

Bottle Warmers Compatible with MAM – Which One is Best?

Are you using MAM bottles to feed your baby and you’ll want to find bottle warmers compatible with MAM? The best bottle warmer for MAM bottles is Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Electric Bottle Warmer as it’s compatible with most bottle materials. Having a bottle warmer that … Read more

Is It Safe to Use Second Hand Sterilizer (e.g. Tommee Tippee’s)?

Are you wondering if it’s safe to use a second hand sterilizer for your baby’s bottles, pacifiers, and other feeding equipment? I’ve got all the answers for you. As more parents battle with rising living costs, buying second-hand baby equipment helps to keep the expenses … Read more

5 Other Uses for Bottle Sterilizer – SURPRISING Functions

Sterilizing your baby’s bottles can be quite time-consuming, especially if you’re doing it on the stovetop. To simplify the process, and to ensure that all the bottle components are properly sterilized and bacteria-free, many parents opt for a bottle sterilizer. But what are some other … Read more

Do MAM Bottles Fit in All Tommee Tippee Sterilizers?

A MAM bottle is one of the best anti-colic bottles on the market. Like any baby product, you must keep them sterilized to prevent your little one from getting sick from bacteria build-up. But do MAM bottles fit in Tommee Tippee Sterilizer devices (all versions), … Read more

How to Store Your Baby Bottles – 11 AMAZING Ideas!

Bottle feeding comes with a menagerie of bottles, nipples, and other parts that can easily take over your home if you’re not careful! If you’ve been wondering how to store baby bottles, you’ve come to the right place. Read on and discover 11 amazing ideas … Read more

How Often Should You Change Baby Bottle Brush? (5-Min Read)

Sticking the baby bottle brush into the dishwasher should clean it well enough, shouldn’t it? But how often should you change your baby bottle brush for hygienic reasons? Even if you’re not strictly a germaphobe, you might want to toss it away and change it … Read more

Hot Water Bottles for Babies – For Many Uses?

Hot water bottles are one of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the family warm and cozy on cold winter nights. But, does that include your baby? Are there hot water bottles for babies? You’d be very interested to know that there are several … Read more

7 Best Dishwasher Baskets for Popular Baby Bottles

Why should you find the best dishwasher basket for your baby bottles? Well, it’s easier to clean baby bottles in the dishwasher, right? But what about those small parts of a baby bottle which can get lost if they’re not contained? Enter the world of … Read more

What Are Bottle Liners Used For? (& Why You Need Them!)

If there’s one thing that frustrates bottle-feeding parents the most, it must be the seemingly endless task of cleaning bottles! Do you ever wonder what bottle liners are used for and if they offer an alternative to spending less time at the kitchen sink washing … Read more

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