Does Baby Formula Expire? Signs it’s Expired and What to Do

Does baby formula expire? It’s one of the most pressing questions parents have. As a parent, you want to make sure that the food you’re giving your baby isn’t going to cause any health concerns. In this article, I’ve done some extensive research as a … Read more

Baby Formula Smells Bad (like Fish, Dog Food, Poop, or Metallic)?

Wondering why your precious baby formula smells so bad, reminding you of fish, dog food, poop, cheese, broccoli or just smells metallic? The first time I smelt infant formula I found it quite offensive! It certainly didn’t  smell like breast milk! Let’s explore what makes … Read more

Why Is Baby Formula Locked Up? PLUS Tips to Source It Legally!

Have you noticed that some stores lock up baby formula behind plastic or glass screens? As frustrating as it is not being able to grab it off the shelf anymore, there are some valid reasons for doing this.  Baby formula gets locked up because shoplifting … Read more

Where to Donate Baby Formula? 15 Places (incl. Near You)

It’s not uncommon for parents to have an excess of unopened and unused formula. For starters, your baby may have moved onto the next formula level. Alternatively, you may have been given more cans than you need. So where can you donate baby formula? Baby … Read more

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