Can You Return (& Exchange) Baby Bottles? (For Each Store)

When you’re shopping for baby bottles, it can be frustrating to find the right ones. While you have many options to choose from, there’s no telling if your baby will adapt to the brands you’ve chosen. You may also receive a variety of brands as … Read more

Are Baby Bottles Recyclable? NUK, MAM, etc [Ultimate Guide]

A lot of your baby items can easily be reused or donated. Some items such as baby bottles however can’t be used over and over. Eventually, they might become stained or scratched and not ideal for reuse. Over time, smaller components may become damaged or … Read more

What to Do With Old Baby Bottles & Nipples? (7 Creative Ways!)

It’s amazing how much stuff is accumulated when there’s a baby in the house! If you’re bottle-feeding your little one, I’m sure you’re wondering what to do with old baby bottles, nipples stacking up in the kitchen cupboard! It seems a pity to throw them … Read more

Where to Donate Baby Bottles? 9 Places (Incl. Near You)

If you’re bottle feeding your baby, one thing is for sure and that’s having a cupboard full of used and unused bottles that your little one will eventually outgrow. Tossing them out seems a waste when they’re in good condition, leaving you wondering if and … Read more

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